Operation Oakeon and Red Haze Patch



Patches for Operation Oakeon and Red Haze by Ga-Knomboe Boy, which adds Bot Support and PoE Support.

A great download for people who have these maps and love them :D




Operation Oakeon Readme

Operation Oakeon 1.1

Well the original version was a little too plain
so i took the map and added, 300-400 new objects,
edited small portions of the heightmap and some of the textures.

and its all in this 6 mb patch :)

have fun

Red Haze Readme

Copy red haze into your poe map folder, and then place the red haze patch
Red_Haze_001.rfa in the same folder.

Also you may want to copy black.bik and place it in PoE music folder, otherwise you'll
hear no loading music.

Unfortunately, unlike the BFV version, bots don't work, well rather they work but they are
just plain retarded and for the most part not worth even playing with. If you want to play
against bots in this level play the BFV original.

map was by space cowboy; Ga-Knomboe Boy

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