Operation Peacekeeper 0.1 Server Files



Operation Peacekeeper, a Battlefield Vietnam Modification. The including content was developed and produced for Operation Peacekeeper (http://www.operation-peacekeeper.de) only.

Battlefield Vietnam, Copyright © 2004 Digital Illusions CE AB.

Operation Peacekeeper Beta 0.1h Read me 12/20/2004

Available Forces

• Bundeswehr (German Army) • Serbian Forces


• Germany - Leopard 2A5 MBT - Marder 1A3 Schützenpanzer - Fuchs - Wiesel 20mm - Wiesel TOW - Wiesel Ozelot - Mercedes Wolf - BO105PAH - BO105VBH • Serbia - M84 MBT - BVP M80-A Schützenpanzer - MTLB - BRDM2 14,5mm - BRDM2 GASKIN - UAZ469 - SA342 Gazelle


• Germany - G36 Assault Rifle - G3A3 Assault Rifle - MG3 Machine Gun - Panzerfaust 3 Anti Tank - MP2 - Uzi - G22 Sniper Rifle - Combat Knife 2000 - DM51 Grenade - DM21 Mine

• Serbia - M21 Assault Rifle - M77 Assault Rifle - M84 Machine Gun - OSA Anti Tank - SZ61 Skorpion - M93 7,62mm Sniper Rifle - M93 12,7mm Sniper Rifle - Bayonet - Serbian Grenade


• OPK Sweet Revenge • OPK Secret Resources • OPK Deceitful Peace • OPK Operation Grace • OPK Kosovo Border • OPK Ambush • OPK Checkpoints

Some Gameplay Infos:

The gun carriages are movable in two different ways. With your walk left/right buttons you can turn arount the main part of the carriage around the turret. With your mouse you can turn the second part of the carriage for ca 45° (depending on the vehicle)

It's not your fault if you cant activate the music player, it wasnt implemented into OPK so dont spent to much time searching for it ;)

Known issues.

A lot. Operation Peacekeeper is a work-in-progress mod. That means we will constantly change things, upgrade and modify. Therefore we need feedback. Visit our forums or write an e-Mail: http://www.operation-peacekeeper.de



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