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Regrettably, OPK devs were unable to release the hotfix earlier but now they fixed the performance, reduced the G36/m21 zoom, the MILAN and...


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Regrettably, OPK devs were unable to release the hotfix earlier but now they fixed the performance, reduced the G36/m21 zoom, the MILAN and Bumble Bee does more damage and of course they added the new map Operation Point Salvo.

This is a server version of their new hotfix for beta version 0.16

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Download 'opk016_server.zip' (53.55MB)

Operation Peacekeeper, a Battlefield Vietnam Modification. The including content was developed
and produced for Operation Peacekeeper (http://www.operation-peacekeeper.de) only.

Battlefield Vietnam, Copyright © 2004 Digital Illusions CE AB. 


Operation Peacekeeper Beta 0.1.6i
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Some Gameplay Information:

Gun Carriages:
The gun carriages are movable in two different ways. With your walk left/right buttons you can turn
around the main part of the carriage around the turret. With your mouse you can turn the second
part of the carriage for approximately 45° (depending on the vehicle).

Gun Carriages on Main Battle Tanks:
We have made the mounted MG on MBT's independent to the turrets movement. This means if you are aiming something and the driver moves
his turret, you will still aim on this position without moving your turret in any way. We did this to make aiming on mounted MG's easier.

Music Player:
It's not your fault if you cannot activate the music player, it was not implemented into OPK, so dont spent to much time searching for it.

Bumblee Bee and MILAN:
There are two types of Bumblee Bee and MILAN Weapons.
- Stationary: These type of Bumblee Bee / MILAN was placed by the mapper and spawns like an MG. It has 3 rounds reloading after 30 seconds. You cannot change its position. ( currently not used on a map)
- Deployable: These type of Bumblee Bee / MILAN is deployable by a special kit which you can pick up in some maps (e.g. Fearless). Deploy it by clicking "Fire", like the mortar, then use it with "E", like the Stationary ones.
              If you dont like the position of the milan, simply click "g" to pick up the MILAN / Bumblee Bee again and deploy it to another position. 
	      The deployable Milan has 5 rounds, but they wont reload! But you can pick it up and walk to a ammo station to get new missiles.
Notice! You can move the whole MILAN / Bumblee Bee by using youre A and D buttons! This will make the soldier turn the weapon left / right. This is possible for both types, deployable and Stationary.
You dont have very much ammo, but if you hit, you will destroy nearly everything with one shot, so make sure youre rocket will hit, 5 seconds after each shot can be a very long time... ;)

M 93 "Black Arrow":
This weapon is a spawnkit only. Pick it up with "g", it is used like any other sniper.

You should note that the Artillery on both sides has overheating. The overheating bar is shown beside the ammo bar.
Be sure not to overheat youre Artillery you will have to wait half a minute until you can shoot again, and 30 seconds is a very long time on the battlefield... ;)

We, the OPK Team, do not want to criticise, penalize or discriminate any nations implemented to this game.
The mod story is just fictional and is based on real events.
We just want to make a game which brings fun to you and other gamers out there.
We hope you have fun playing our mod.


This is just a patch. To run it correctly you need OPK 0,1.

In memory of our departed Team Member Bl4ckh4wk (Maximilan)


Available Forces

• Bundeswehr (German Army)
• Serbian Forces


• Germany
	- Leopard 2A5 MBT
	- Marder 1A3 AIV
	- Panzerhaubitze 2000
	- Fuchs
	- Wiesel 20mm 
	- Wiesel TOW
	- Wiesel Ozelot
	- Mercedes Wolf
	- BO105PAH
	- BO105VBH
• Serbia
	- M84 MBT
	- BVP M80-A AIV
	- 2S1 Gvozdika
	- BRDM2 14,5mm
	- GAZ469
	- SA342 Gazelle GAMA
	- SA342 Gazelle


• Germany
	- G36 Assault Rifle
	- G3A3 Assault Rifle
	- MG3 Machine Gun
	- Panzerfaust 3 Anti Tank
	- MP2 - Uzi
	- G22 Sniper Rifle
	- Combat Knife 2000
	- DM51 Grenade
	- DM21 Mine
	- TNT

• Serbia
	- M21 Assault Rifle
	- M77 Assault Rifle
	- M84 Machine Gun
	- M79 OSA Anti Tank
	- SZ61 Skorpion
	- M93 7,62mm Sniper Rifle
	- M93 .50 cal 12,7mm Sniper Rifle
	- Bayonet
	- Serbian Grenade
	- TNT


• OPK Sweet Revenge
• OPK Secret Resources
• OPK Deceitful Peace
• OPK Operation Grace
• OPK Kosovo Border
• OPK Ambush
• OPK Checkpoints
• OPK Fearless
• OPK Observation Point Slavo

Known issues:

A lot. Operation Peacekeeper is a work-in-progress mod. That means we will constantly change
things, upgrade and modify. Therefore we need feedback. Visit our forums or write an e-Mail: http://www.operation-peacekeeper.de 



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Operation Peacekeeper is a modern warfare modification for the popular game Battlefield 2, based on a fictional developement of the actual Kosovo conflict. The mod features two different sides - th...

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