OPK SP/Coop Mappack #6

=== SP + Coop Mappack_6 for OPK_Mod ===

-The_Snipe by AdZfull_map

-Operation_El_Alamein_at_night by Dzerifull_map...


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=== SP + Coop Mappack_6 for OPK_Mod ===

-The_Snipe by AdZfull_map

-Operation_El_Alamein_at_night by Dzerifull_map

Now are more OPK_Vehicles bot_supported following vehicles are coded for bots by me:

-M80 -Leopard II -UAZ II -Wolf (in Österreich nennt man dieses Fahrzeug PUCH-G) -Marder -BRDM1 (sorry no top MG) I am not using this modell in the maps, the OPK_Modteam should fix this please!!!

Installation: take the file into Your OPK_Levelfolder >>>>the credits go to EA/Dice/ and to AdZ & Dzeri<<<< Converted for OPK by Hamburger Hill mportant: The Vanilla_kursk for OPK is reqired to hear loadscreen music for "The_Snipe", You find the music bik.file in the Mappackfile vanilla_Kursk for OPK. have fun with the machine_gun, Hamburger Hill

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Download 'opk_spcoop_mappack_6.rar' (7.84MB)

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