Park Version 2.4

The V2.4 of Park, now with SP support.


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The V2.4 of Park, now with SP support.

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Park Version 2.4
a Battlefield Vietnam map by

Gametypes: Conquest, Coop/SP, Custom Combat

Conquest Map Type: Head-On

Map Size: Small

Build time: A few months now...

Tools Used: Battlecraft Vietnam, winRFA, PackRFA, Adobe Photoshop, SinglePlayer Creator, GenPathMaps, Notepad

Requirements: BfV Version 1.2

 - M46
 - Static M60
 - T-72
 - Vespa


This is, as the name suggests, the V2.4 of my map 'Park'.  There's a handful of changes here and there but the biggest addition is the Singleplayer/Coop gamemode.  I had a huge amount of trouble trying to get the bots to work acceptably and now they do OK.  This overwrites the V1 of Park, so you don't need the original to play the V2.4.

Changes since the last version:

 - Added a Vespa to each base in Conquest.  You can now do circuit racing around the map with the two Vespas. :P

 - Added SP/Coop gamemode.  Details below.

 - Pickup kits around the map for a bit more fun.  Some of them hover above the ground, though, and changing the height doesn't seem to fix this problem.

 - Flags for the NVA team changed to be the correct flag.

 - American team is now the ARVN, flags have been changed to accomodate this.

 - New ingame map that doesn't show the untextured areas of the map.

 - New loading screen for the hell of it.

You will find that the SP/Coop gamemode is very different to the Conquest mode.  Since the bots wouldn't walk around the palace freely I decided that SP should not focus on the Palace but around it instead.  There are now three CPs around the road that goes around the south side of the Palace; Wrecked Chinook, Hotel, and Hotel Road.

* Wrecked Chinook is, as the name implies, at the Chinook wreck on the lower right corner of the road.

* Hotel is where the T-72 spawns in Conquest (and the T-72 is still there for SP) , about halfway down the side road by the large building and piles of crates and barrels.

* Hotel Road is situated on the lower left corner of the road a short distance from the NVA base.

Holding 3 out of 5 control points will trigger ticket bleed.  This leads to very fast-paced and hectic fighting, as the CPs will quickly swap hands.

The two main bases at the school and camp are still there.  You can only spawn at these two main bases.  This is because spawn camping would be far too easy if people spawned at the new control points.

Naturally, in SP and Conquest the Hotel area/CP is the place you want to get to because it offers you a T-72.  Keep an engy or two nearby though, it takes a while to respawn (2 minutes) and LAWs/RPGs aren't healthy for tanks.  You'll find that while the T-72 does give you an advantage, it's only slight, because the turret can't aim down far enough to hit infantry directly with the machine gun, so you have to rely on your main gun and top gunner for support.  Being the only real vehicle in this map, it's also a huge bullet/rocket/grenade magnet and you'll probably find yourself finished off quickly.

The map also has support for Odanan's BfV Arsenal Mod, which really kicks up the fun factor with the new weapons and equipment.

This also overwrites the V2.1 patch for the AI that was released without the V2.0 ever making it out.  Delete the 'Park_003.rfa' file if you have it or conflicts may occur.

There's also a version of Park ready to be released named Park: The Storm, which is essentially Park with a different, stormy skybox and rain effects.


Move 'Park.rfa' to your levels directory, in my case:

C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield Vietnam -> Mods -> bfvietnam -> Archives -> bfvietnam -> levels

If you've got the original Park there, you will need to remove it.  In addition, if you have the 'Park_003.rfa' file that patched the SP, remove it.


Move 'Park_000.rfa' to your BFV_Arsenal levels directory, in my case:

C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield Vietnam -> Mods -> BFV_Arsenal -> Archives -> bfvietnam -> levels


You can give it out to your friends, edit it, or make new maps based on it but just don't take credit for stuff you didn't do.  I wouldn't appreciate that.

This map has my permission to be on Battlefield 1942/Vietnam/2 Files only.  If you want to stick it on your site, ask me.  I don't bite.

If this busts your computer in any way, I'm not responsible.  Sorry, but it was your decision to put it on your comp.


EA/DICE, for making BfV.

HellishER for the SP creation tool, and FourCentsShy for GenPathMaps.

My friends, for constantly testing the SP and giving feedback.

Odanan, for the awesome BFV Arsenal mod.  You rock!


Any problems, suggestions, or comments email me at:

russian_comrade AT hotmail DOT com

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