Phaze 2 Knife Arena

---PIIKniFEARena--- for more info

#phaze2 --

This map, as the name implies, is a knif...


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---PIIKniFEARena--- for more info

#phaze2 --

This map, as the name implies, is a knife fight arena. To win, your team must control the central flag "The_Ring" the longest. It only takes 2 seconds to cap, so in order for a solid defense, the controling team should have at least two to three people in the Ring itself (marked by a brown circle on the ground).

This map has a lot of easter eggs and elements of a fun map, but it also is fun for compeditive scrim or internal clan match-play.

The weapons include- Vietcong: Smoke Grenade, Plantation Knife, Machete, Caltrops, Punji Sticks ARVN: Smoke Grenade, Knife, Machete, Caltrops, Punji Sticks

Tip- The caltrops can be thrown at people like totally insane ninja stars.

Version- 1.0


Made by: [PII]Shrouded -

Tested by:

[PII]... Clamchop Tank CardnalFang Gatecrasher Dolo Minimujgy Sixfiggyas PhuckingDuck A-Kill Elendil Tanker Bono Hondata21 Gunner Others, sorry if I missed you

Non [PII]... [:NET:]E$Cada TheMystic Hitman31 DNA Golgie

Thanks to:

{DCX}KIOSK (Help with the class system) [IS04-Dev]sPro'Devil Clamchop (for uploading it a million times to the server!)

Additional Info:

Made with: Battlecraft Vietnam, Adobe Photoshop, RAD Video Tools


Mortal Kombat Soundtrack: Techno Syndrome 7' Mix - The Immortals

Flag Values:

Blue_Dungeon = 0 Red_Dungeon = 0 The_Ring = 100 The_Shrine = 20 Gilligan_s_Island = 20

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