POE V0.4 Singleplayer Addon



A community made singleplayer addon for Point of Existence V0.4.



POE_SP  v4

By Dnamro and Legion

- supports release 4 of POE

- Removed ADZ's iron sights to support POE's iron Sights.

- All POE and BFV maps AI supported

- Improved AI for chopper gunners, Jeep gunners, M109, and vehicles with rocket weapons.

- Bots can now use handweapons that you might not expect.

- Fixed bots falling through bridges problem.

- Map fixes and tweaks, most notably:
  Zanzibar - Us attacks & defends from Carrier only now.
  Cassino - Removed mobile artillery, and all Russian mobile vehicles.  
  El Daba - Added shallow water crossings for bots.
  Mara - Added shallow water crossing and removed bridge flag.

- AI Support for POE Demise Mappack (Blue Nile, Swamps of Sudan and others).  
Download here:

- AI Support for Lex Luthor's BF42 El Alamein Conversion map.  Download the original map here:  
and install into the POE\..\..\levels folder 

Please note that there is another POE El Alamein conversion map out there by POE mapper Jilted.  Lex's version is better quality.

- Operation Cedar falls has bots using tunnels thanks to AI coder FourCentsShy.

- Fall of Saigon has well done Ai by Necronom.

** Special Thanks goes out to **

Necronom (EoD AI) for sharing his chopper AI tips and Fall of Saigon AI.

FourCentsShy for Operation Cedar Falls AI.
FreudMothersRage for his extensive playtesting feedback.
Nephilim for tracking down hard to find AI bugs.

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