POE V2.1 Linux Server Files

Point of Existence Version 2.1 Linux server files.


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Point of Existence Version 2.1 Linux server files.

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Download 'poeserver_linux_upgrade_v21.tar.gz.tar' (45.18MB)

Change log:CLIENT FIXES===================================_Locked LCAC to US side_Attack choppers Given Short Ranged Radar_Decreased Overheating slightly on A10/Su39 Cannons_A10/Su39 given more Rudder control_Fixed mag bug on A10 cannon_Su34 Seat switching Locked/added radar on both player positions_UH-60L Given 10 more hitpoints/Minigun damage increased slightly_AH-64 New wreck model_Issues with Avenger/Humvee Pickup causing lag resolved_Fixed Clipping on Saber and Darfur trees_Fixed floating Objects on Saber_Tweaked Sounds/Added 22khz support_Fixed Gaz/Map Control point names Map Updates===========_Maikona========Resovled performance issues _Battle of Turkana==================Resovled perfomance issuesNew Lighting _Siege of Mukatan==================Resovled perfomance issues ElDaba========Fixed KitsFixed Soldiers UniformFixed Heli Spawn TimeFixed some vehicules spawnsAdded New variants of the jeepsAdded MlrsAdded Ammo CratesAdded Stingers to all 3 cappable flags  Server Admins============ This is a PATCH!!! Please extract to your mods directory overwriting all files

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