Point of Existence



Here is what you all have been waiting for!!!!

This amazing first release from a very talented team, lets hope the next releases are just as good.

On another note, I am not sure why no one had posted this before this time, but its here now so come and get it!




------------- PoE Release v1.0 -------------

Thanks for downloading the Point of Existence
Modification for Battlefield Vietnam.

Release Notes:
There will be some problems, bugs, and imbalances because we don't have unlimited time to track down every problem. You may also find some unfinished parts of the mod, which will be finished in a later patch.

Some things you won't figure out because they wern't in Battlefield Vietnam:

The MBT's (M1A2 Abrams, T-90) and the Bradley IFV are equipped with an ammo switching system. There are two types of rounds:
-Armor penetrating Sabot round
-High Explosive HEAP round
To switch between the 2, you use your "hatch up/hatch down" keys. (Default up arrow, down arrow)
To fire a Sabot round, press the up arrow (assuming default control scheme) and shoot the round as normal.
To fire a HEAP round, press the down arrow (assuming default control scheme) and shoot the round as normal.
You do not need to press the arrow each time you want to fire a round, it will stay on the same setting until it is switched. When you first get into the tank, the rounds are set to SABOT.

A Sabot round is useful against Main Battle Tanks and IFV's.
A HEAP round is useful for killing Humvees or the Russian GAZ jeep, or infantry.

There is no sound or visual indication when the ammo type is changed, you will only be able to tell by the appearance of the shell and the resulting damage.

A Sabot round leaves a bright streak behind it, and a HEAP round leaves a dirty grey smoke trail. A HEAP round will have a larger and brighter explosion when it comes in contact with the ground.


The .50 Calibre machine gun mounted on the Humvee can be rotated 360 degrees using your strafe keys (default a and D)


You cannot switch from position 1 (pilot) to position 2 (gunner) in helicopters to prevent people from switching back and forth and using both weapon loadouts. If you want to switch, you must be on the ground, simply hop out and get back in, when you get in a chopper you will always go to position 2 if it is empty.


The AN-94 fires 2 rounds almost simutaneosly, which is why your ammo counter is going down by 2 each time you fire.


----------- MORE IMPORTANT STUFF -----------

All original content is property of the PoE mod team. All content taken from Battlefield Vietnam is property of EA/Dice (more info on who actually owns it can be found in that incredibly long legal speak document found when you install Battlefield Vietnam).

PoE Mod Team

# Matt Wells (Geledonutt) Founder/Modeler
# Radoslaw Jamrog (Radobe) Management/Modeler/Skinner
# James Shea (Hyper) Management/Lead Tester/Lead Coder

# (Senor Freebie) Head Modeler
# (Devil) Head Skinner/Frontend Graphics
# (Warfrog) Modeler
# (Terrancmdr) Modeler
# Chris Charron (Arrow) Modeler/Skinner
# Muhammad Hafizi (Fipoch) Modeler
# (Badscull) Modeler
# (Spitfire) Skinner
# (Toxikneedle) Skinner 

# Ryan Pimiskern (XerePro) Lead Mapper/Coder
# (Demize99) Mapper/Coder
# Michael Keesey (DancingWLlamas) Coder
# Julian Redman (KIA) Mapper
# Maxime Des Roches (Dio) Mapper
# Cory Pershall (Greyjedi) Mapper 
# Kyle Kimsey (Spidey) Mapper 

# Tristan Andres (Tris) Webmaster/Lead Euro Beta Tester
# Tom Patterson (Hathcock) Research 
# Kirk Potter (Gunner) Research 

--- Retired ---
# (Seigman) Coder
# (Tha Slaya) Skinner
# Ben Fox (LazyD) Coder
# (Augustus) Mapper
# Alex Zecevic (Pimpdaddy) Modeler/Skinner

Special thanks to everyone who invested time to test the game, and to Hyper for putting so much time into making sure the release went smoothly. 

Build 0.1J
_JSF sounds
_new M4
_Mi28 Cockpit

_AN94 nerfed (again)
_Plane handling tweaked again
_Tunguska muzzle flash removed
_Tank physics fixed

Build 0.1i
_BTR60 static wreck
_SU37 and SU47 cockpit
_New Tunguska
_JSF cockpit
_AGM-65 air-to-ground missile
_JSF_AGM version created for testing purposes
_New Beretta92FS model

_Animation on Humvee MG position changed to crouching soldier
_AN94 nerfed
_Plane handling tweaked again
_Bug fixed with KA-52/RAH-66 causing the helicopters to roll slightly when rudder was applied
_MBTs + Tunguska tweaked to turn faster + go slightly faster
_Pistols resized for first and third person views

Build 0.1h
_M2A3 Bradley
_AN94 (Russian assault rifle)
_Modified texture for medicbox
_Updated Mi28 texture

_Random crashing caused by turbulence on artillery (turbulence removed for now)
-Verticle and horizontal bars in indirect fire HUD on artillery

_Gunnerview on TOS1 moved and crosshair removed
_Damage on surface to air missiles against land armour reduced with 50%
_Lightmapped statics
_Slowed down turret speed on armour
_Increased speed on land vehicles with 5-10%
_Incorporated damagesystem by Demize
_Increased rate of fire on armour
_Added dummyengines to vehicle to avoid heatseeking exploit
_Locked arty when seated in gunner's position
_Manuverability and speed for SU-37, SU-47, F-22, and JSF 

Build 0.1g
_Cluster bomb version of JSF
_Binoculars to support classes
_New custom turbulence to aircrafts
_New custom turbulence to TOS-1 rockets
_Turbulence from artillery when firing
_TOS-1M (Russian rocket artillery)
_New muzzleflash for rocket artillery
_Mouselook to all helos (RAH66 cockpit model need tweaks before it gets same)
_Specular map to KA52
_Support for all BF:V maps in singleplayer and multiplayer
_GSH18 (Russian handweapon for snipers)
_Simple model for M1A2, Ah64, KA52 and Mi28
_M1A2 wreck model

_Bug where you didn't die when falling from sky onto SU37
_Bugs on TU22M

_Jeeps given 4 wheeldrive
_Weapons on classes re-arranged
_Increased size of Helicopter turbulence 2x
_Number of missile mags on helis lowered to 1 (will result in a bug with missiles not showing when reloaded until bfv1.1 is out)
_Land vehicle speeds increased with 30%
_Set up for Tunguska made same as Demize patch
_Missiles tweaked based on Dekoths thread
_Turning on Humvee mount made smoother
_Artillery given splash and more damage
_Rearranged weapons on KA52
_Some collision and shadow meshes optimized
_Flight physics of planes tweaked
_Damagesystem re-done
_Increased velocity on artillery for longer range
_Kord given slightly less overheat

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