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This is a great mod, Recruit Snyder has dome some great work in the past, and he continues his name here. This mod is designed to even out,...


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This is a great mod, Recruit Snyder has dome some great work in the past, and he continues his name here. This mod is designed to even out, and better BattleField Vietnam. He has addressed a lot of complaints with the original game. Check the readme and all the pictures for a great explination of all this mod does.

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Recruit Snyder's Vietnam 1.0 C
Gameplay Enhancements for BF Vietnam

This is a "quick & dirty" Mod for Battlefield Vietnam.
It does not contain any complex changes to the game
(like my Mod Collection PLUS for BF42) due to game
performance reasons.

- Blood FX (moderate)
- 3rd person view for infantry (F10 - F12)
- No self destruction for damaged vehicles
- Vehicles can be abandoned on a map for later re-use
- Tank & chopper weapons with adjusted velocity / ammo
- Hooks & winches added to certain vehicles (MI-8 Cargo etc.)
- Cobra pilot got add'l heat seeking missiles - secondary
- Mi-8 Military with add'l heat seeking missiles - secondary
- MI-8 Cargo Helicopter added to certain maps - unarmed
- Helipads repair and ammo refill radius increased
- BM21 SAM on more maps; 3-seater with add'l heat seeking AA missiles - secondary
- Ammo for certain hand weapons adjusted 
- Southern Heavy Assault class re-done: L.A.W. now with Car 15 or XM148 - not with M60
- Infantry MG's changed: RPD, DPM, M60 lost the crosshair.
- M60: Increased deviation standing/running/kneeling; tends to jam - fire in short bursts only
- New/unique engines for all choppers
- Four Wheel Drive for all jeeps - UAZ with new suspension
- Heat seeking missiles less precise now - they're still lethal but they're easier to avoid
- Mobile supply depots - heal, repair land vehicles and refill ammo, destroyable, can be moved 
by choppers - but don't repair choppers ;-)) - On many maps, for both sides.
- Additional seats (outside) for M110 and Patton
- One Huey Gunship added to Flaming Dart - replacing one Cobra
- Numerous minor changes

- Hint: Now you can hijack enemy vehicles and hide them in a safe place
  (no self destruction when abandoned, they won't respawn until destroyed)

Known issues: 
- In infantry 3rd person view (F10 - F12), ammo count doesn't work; Hit F9;
- Menu text description for certain edited kits missing - You just see the icon of the main weapon
so you know what you're getting ;-)
- ?


- Extract this mod to your "Battlefield Vietnam/Mods" folder.
- The folder "SNY" should appear next to "BFVietnam".
- If you would like to listen to the original music, copy the "music" 
folder from "BFVietnam" and paste it into "SNY"
- Activate this mod in the custom game menu (choose "SNY").

Due to the increased hardware requirements of BF Vietnam this mod will not add
more vehicles or effects, no new gameplay tweaks or weapons, nothing else ;-))

If you want more action, play Battlefield 1942 with my Mod Collection PLUS 1.6
(RtR & SW required):

Have fun,

Recruit Snyder

[email protected]

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