Red Haze



Another excellent map by Ga-Knomboe Boy, this is set in a dense jungle where danger could lurk behind every tree, rock or corner...

It also has bot support :D




Red Haze is a map which i made 6 months ago (Phase was its original name) but never got around to releasing it
i have fixed a couple of issues changed a couple of objects and now its ready to be
released to the public.

Because its a 6 month old map the textures are not as good as my recent maps
but its still a fun map to play with people.
The map also works with bots :)

The map itself is a really, really small jungle map set in a small valley
with a dried up creek running through it. There are 5 points but you can only
spawn at your teams main base to prevent really, really bad camping.

Black.bik goes into the bfv mod music folder.

Have fun and if you have any issues contact me at [email protected]

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