Shotgun Arena Knives & Shotguns (Fix)

An add-on patch for Shotgun Arena that changes all the kits to knife, Flaregun, and Shotgun kits.


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An add-on patch for Shotgun Arena that changes all the kits to knife, Flaregun, and Shotgun kits.

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Shotgun Arena Knife & Shotgun
a Battlefield Vietnam map patch/minimod by

REQUIREMENTS: The original 'Shotgun Arena' map, which can be downloaded at:;68438

Once you have that installed the map patch will work.


Shotgun Arena was meant to be about shotguns.  Unfortunately, a few ctd's forced me to release the map using standard kits.  Now, however, I've worked around the problem and present to you a small map patch that gives everybody in the map a shotgun kit.

The kits consist of:


Mossberg 500


Mossberg 500

No matter what kit you select on the spawn screen, you will get the same kit.  It only differs between teams.  I chucked the Flaregun in just for the hell of it, it's only useful in Arsenal Mod because it kills people with a direct hit.

There's a new dropping kit for the NVA because it looked stupid having them drop kits with American helmets on top.  So now you'll get the straw hat with a Mossberg hanging under it.  The Mossberg is missing the pump...but...who cares.  It's only a kit model.


Move 'Shotgun_Arena_001KS.rfa' to your levels directory, in my case:

C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield Vietnam -> Mods -> bfVietnam-> Archives -> bfVietnam -> levels

You can also put it in the levels directory of any mod you converted Shotgun Arena to (e.g. BFV Arsenal).

To uninstall, delete the file 'Shotgun_Arena_001KS.rfa' and the map will run as normal.


Don't take credit for it, that's not very nice.

If this busts your computer in any way, I'm not responsible.  Sorry, but it was your decision to put it on your comp.


Hmmm.....I dunno....

I guess DICE for making BfV, and EA Games for publishing it


Any problems, suggestions, or comments email me at:

russian_comrade AT hotmail DOT com

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