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++ ||Skyrace|| |||| ||By Fx2003|| ++

_ Info _

Map Statistics:

Build Time: 3h 52m Build Dates: 1/8/04 Control Points: 4 (all uncapturable) Spawn Points: 7 Map Size: 256x256 Made for Mod: None Custom Objects: None

_ E-Mail _

Questions? Comments? Ideas? E-Mail me at: [email protected]

_ --Description-- _

This map is a large race circuit suspended in the sky, there are many obstacles, including the ring of fire and wreck alley. There is also a town/airport in the sky for when you don’t feel like racing.

Tips for getting through the race:

*Although slower, the scooter is the weapon of choice for getting through the race, if your objective is getting through it in one piece… *If you’re racing in the jeep, take it slow at the parts where you can fall off or sharp corners, and try to repair the vehicle whenever possible *A scooter can take the jumps with no damage, to survive a jump with a jeep, repair it before and IMMEDIATELY after the jump to avoid death. *A great way to repair the jeep is to select the wrench before entering the jeep and hopping to the passenger seat when the vehicle needs repairs. *Did I already mention to take it slow on the unguarded sections or corners? _ Thanks _

Dice/EA for Creating the great BattleField Series Dice/EA for Creating the BattleCraft Program, probably the best map creator/editor out there. for being the best bfv site/community I know, rock on guys!!! MoMMa_Dean for supporting me throughout my mapping career and uploading my creations The Bfvfiles community for being so supportive also

And last but certainly not least:

The EA Tech Support Team for Not helping me to get my Bf:v working after it stopped for two months, I ended up fixing this myself, but for inadvertently teaching me how to skip those annoying intro videos (ea games/dice clips), LMAO =P

____----====++++====----____ =End= ____----====++++====----____

Read me created by Fx2003 on 16/7/04 20:52 because I lost the Old one =D

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