Sniping District

This Battlefield Vietnam map is set after a tank battle in Raiden city, the battle ended in a stalemate leaving this city open for snipers t...


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This Battlefield Vietnam map is set after a tank battle in Raiden city, the battle ended in a stalemate leaving this city open for snipers to come in. Accurate assault packs, spams packs were removed to ensure fun for snipers. Got some custom sounds in the radio station and some custom models.

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Download 'sniping_district.rar' (18.62MB)

First of all, I'd like to thank the nameless clan for your support of my map. You guys rock! I'm still a noob in the clan and i feel very appreciated, definitely fine group of lads. I'd also like to thank the boys in Ak' who were formerly in nameless for quitting the clan since I didnt want wankers for clanmates anyway.

Ok, on with the FAQ

Q: Ok, i got the file and unzipped it, where does it go?
A: default is C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels

Q: Omg the water is dissapearing! is that meant to happen?
A: Its some bug i tried to fix before the release. I've looked at forums for answers and so far there's none. If you know how to fix this, please post it on under mapping and editing, I'm sure a few ppl will also appreciate knowing the solution to this on planetbattlefield since there are lots of ppl with the same problem.

Q: Omg, i got refused from a server! Content differs from Did you hax my bfv with your map?
A: no, custom masp can only be played with a non-content checking servers. If my map was loaded first and you cannot get into a public server, restart bfv. My customobjects, textures, sounds are initialised only when my map loads.

Q: did you replace stuff in my BFV files?
A: Yes and No, WHen my map is loaded, the signs on the building are the same signs used in normal maps but bypassed. same with the speakers for hue. They were not replaced permanently. My init only takes over if my map is loaded.

Q: Why jap songs on the PA?
A: I know some ppl putting modern english songs into anime music videos, yes they are paying a hefty fine and dealing some jail time. I dont want to be bubba's bitch so nyer. =) Btw, Jap music Rox.

Q: How can that PA system output such a mean bass sound?
A: The thing is ive modeled a boombox, but i cant make it so that its unbreakable got proglems with scripting, read the next Question. 

Q: WHy wont booth's grave explode?
A: same with the boombox, i've got problems with scripting... it's almost like making a custom tank for the game, i dun wanna use up too much time doing this, i just wanna release a map, not a mini-mod.

Q: Why does your map sux so bad?
A: you think you can do better, try it! This is only my second and prolly last map to make on bfv, I'll wait till bf2 comes out then i'll make maps and maybe mods for it.

Q: ROFL, man those sounds on the PA system rule!! Where did you get all that material?
A: Thanks, It came from my years of accumulated insanity 0_o

Q: I'm from EA, i wanna hire you!
A: Post in the forums. ROFL sif! I aint posting my email addy for booth, ak, and NZAF to spam me. I'n no f00!

Q: Hey RaYdeN, your voice is so sexy. Is there a way to contact you?
A: Suck it, Booth, NZAF, Ak fags I aint giving out my email address!

Q: RaYdeN, ur so cool, what should i do to become just like u when i grow up?

A: Go in the Philippines, live in metropolitan manila, get ur classmates to point a gun against ur head, live in a subdivision with junkies around the place and from time to time watch some real life shotgun battles on the streets... eat your vegetables and excercise.. learn a few styles of martial arts and study hard in school, learn a few instruments. And yer play bfv and a few other computer games from time to time and still own. And yer diss booth for being the fat slob loser that he is whenever u see him on the servers.

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