The Prison

A new version of the prision map for BFV is out, with a few changes.


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A new version of the prision map for BFV is out, with a few changes.

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Download 'the_prison_v12.rar' (4.68MB)

========the_prison.rfa v1,2========

the version 1.2 of the prison map more updates will eventuly come.
this map is tested with patch 1,2 and ww2 mod battlefield vietnam.

things added to the new version.

1.added a village.
2.added trees to not get that empty look.
3.added few extra walls to the prison.
4.added a few more viechles.
5.straightend out the walls on the prison so that they became straight.

to do list for next update. out the nva and the usa bases.
2. stuff u came up with

Installation Instructions: 

1. Open up the .zip file for the map. 
2. Extract the .rfa file to the folder C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels

If any one has any suggestions to improve this map, feel free to e-mail them to me at

feel free 2 make any changes at all to this map as long as u send or tell me about the new version.

And i will strongly ask any1 that got any idea on how 2 make this map bot supported plz do so and send me the map at

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