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v.1 of the Tour of Duty mod is all about fixing problems that the mod team have observed while playing bfv. The mod team have made seven qua...


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v.1 of the Tour of Duty mod is all about fixing problems that the mod team have observed while playing bfv. The mod team have made seven quality maps for this release abd have made many improvments to weapon loadouts etc. To see a full list of changes see the readme below.

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Download 'tourofdutyv1.rar' (18.45MB)

Tour Of Duty V.1

If you downloaded this, expecting to try out a bunch of new weapons, 
or some new vehicles... Then your out of luck, and will have to wait
untill our next release.

v.1 is all about fixing problems that you people won't stop complaining 
about, and adding new maps. If you like the way Battlefield Vietnam plays
right now, then this mod isn't for you. So don't complain about how there 
is no new weapons etc.

Extract the TOUROFDUTY folder to   ../EaGames/BattlefieldVietnam/Mods/

Music no longer stops when you exit a vehicle. If you do want to shut it off
hit your Musiclist key, (default 0), then hit Q, which is a song titled
Stop Music.    If you forget which key, once the music list is open, you
can scroll up and down using the arrow keys.

--Known Issues
For some reason, it would not let me play any music during the loading screens or
the menu.  When i tried it stopped playing on the normal BFVietnam menu.. So for now
its bugged.

The map River Raid, has a problem.  You can walk through most of the trees and rocks.
No idea why, but... i can't fix it.

Using the STOP MUSIC song, will shut off your music, for about 2 minutes. For now, it's
the best we can do.

Alot of bushes or trees might be slightly above the ground. Since the over and undergrowth
system is still new... we are learning. For now, its just something funny to look at. Once we 
learn more about the program, we can fix it.

--New Changes V.1

Added map "Ambush"
Added map "Rumble in the Jungle"
Added Map "Mekong River Wet Season"
Added Map "Mekong River Dry Season"
Added Map "River Raid"
Added Map "Hamburger Hill"
Added Map "Saigon Jungle" 

Swapped The M60 with the Mossenberg Shotgun    (should even things up ALOT) 
M40 Skin changed slightly
RPD Less accurate and longer reload
M60 less accurate and longer reload  
Cobra Added 2 more Rockets   
Shotgun now has more ammo
Xm148 now carries 20 Rounds instead of 30. 
M14 now has 20 rounds, slightly slower rate of fire  
Mutt Takes less damage from water
Mutt TOW has a bit longer reload
Easier to Airlift Vehicles  
Smoke Grenades changed to Purple  (Can't be vietnam without Purple Haze!)
PungiSticks have slightly larger radius.
PungiSticks last 30X longer
Caltrops last 30X longer
Bouncing Bettys last almost 30X longer
SKS56 Has faster rate of fire   
Claymores Last 30X longer, no longer explode after certain amount of time.
Exp Packs last 30X longer
Exp packs have slightly larger explosion
C4 last 30X longer
C4 have slightly larger explosion
AVmines last 30X longer
Landmines last 30X longer
Claymores will only explode when you use the detonator, no longer explode when somone gets close.
All tanks/artillary have MUCH less of a firing arc
Car15 Skin changed
MossenBerg has 8 rounds instead of 6
SA7 has 1 extra rocket. 
SA7 reload is slightly longer.
M16 Sniper has 1 extra magazine.
Snipers carry 2 extra smoke grenades
RPD has 120 Rounds to balance the slow firerate.'
BM21SAM Missles have more of an arc.
Lowered Player health from 30 to 20.
Bouncing Bettys have larger explosion.


Ea Games

Project Head:
Chris "Rigell" Hill

Co Leader:
James "Jadams" Adams

Saigon Jungle Map:
Surfin Charlie

The beta testers of course

and lastly, thanks to everyone who bitched in the forums
for all the ideas.

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