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BattleField Vietnam MOD Brought to you by Dracones and Texx of Eaglewarz.net

This mod was made to try to even out the sides and make it a little more realistc with out take away from the game. there is no new weapons or vehicles in it.

-us side now has heat seekers

-made sniper rifles kill on head or chest shot (leg or arm only wounds)

-gave machine gun to cobra pilot (will over heat)

-added heat seekers to mi8

-mi8 now more manuverable

-made all the helis fly faster and have more torque

-all helis now fire rockets like the real thing

-m-60 now over heats and tends to jam

-m-60 deviation ajusted

-made bouncy betty more powerful

-made claymore more powerful

-m79 now shoots farther and bigger explosion radious

-Enhanced M46 Artillery Gun. Man-movable, towable, airliftable. M113 Can tow anything with a Hook including M46 BTR60 Can tow anything with a Hook including M46 BM21 Can tow anything with a Hook including M46

-mutt fire rate adjusted

-added more space in huey transport

-heli can now be shot down with bout 3 to 4 stingers

-clips to rifles adjusted

-no law m-60 combo

-No self destruction for damaged vehicles

-Vehicles can be abandoned on a map for later re-use

-Hooks & winches added to certain vehicles

-Helipads repair and ammo refill radius increased

-Heat seeking missiles less precise now

-One Huey Gunship added to Flaming Dart - replacing one Cobra

-Numerous minor changes

Install: Run the installation executable file. Install to default C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\Underfire

- The folder "underfire" should appear next to "BFVietnam".

- If you would like to listen to the original music, copy the "music" folder from "BFVietnam" and paste it into "underfire"

- Activate this mod in the custom game menu

-more changes to come in next version

Changes In Newer Versions:

VERSION 1.1 CHanges

-fixed kit crash bug

-fixed heatseaking on handheld rockets

-changed some game music files

-fixed muzzle flash on cobra pilot MachineGUn

-Minor adjustments to damage system (making some rounds more powerful and some less powerful)

-Boosted acceleration on Mi8

-minor changes to flight physics on corsair

-adjusted airborne heatseakers

-adjusted deviation while firing RPD

-Removed crosshairs from M60 and RPD for less accuracy

-Increased acceleration of Huey assault for better manuevering

-Added map load music

-Numerous minor adjustments to handweapons (btw becareful of high explosives. They are now HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE)

-Minor adjustments to many land vehicles

-Details on skins of some handweapons improved

-Modified skins of us choppers (Huey and Cobra)

-Modified Sniper Scope

-Increased fire rate of Huey rocket launcher

any questions or comments e-mailtexx@eaglewarz.net or dracones@eaglewarz.net

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Download 'operationjungledawn3.zip' (4.38MB)

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