Vietnam 4049 Mod

Hey guys, here's the large version of the Vietnam 4049 mod, Download and enjoy! -Fx


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Hey guys, here's the large version of the Vietnam 4049 mod, Download and enjoy! -Fx

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Download 'vietnam4049large.exe' (35.41MB)

=Vietnam: 4049 Read me=

-{By DonkeyDeath and Fx2003}-

 Change List

Vehicle weapons:
Napalm missiles for F4Phantom
Mig17 has super missiles in replacement of bombs
Mig21 has loads of rockets and faster machinegun
Mi-8 has 40 faster firing, slower moving rockets and 20 slower firing, faster moving rockets
Mi-8 Cargo made super fast
Huey has double hit rockets, if the rocket hits a vehicle, it explodes, then explodes again 12 seconds later for double damage
Cobra now fires rockets in groups of 5, and rockets can turn slightly to hit target
Cobra co pilot has a better chain gun and more rockets
Cobra turn engine made more powerful to make barrel rolls more effective against heat seekers
Nva Napalm Mortar
Us Heat seeking mortar
Soldiers now deploy 2 mortars per life
All Land vehicles have increased rate of fire, more powerful, and slightly stronger armored
Machine guns do not overheat except for Chinook
Turbo cars, the Mutt, UAZ, Vespa and unarmed Mutt go at insane speed and are heavily armored, unarmed mutt has more armor that other turbo cars
T52 has giant kickback, aim down and sideways to perform cartwheels!
ZSU has CRAZY kickback and is only able to hit aircraft at close range, but if an aircraft does get too close, a guaranteed kill is in order.
Hand weapons have increased rate of fire, more ammo and some made more accurate
Grenades stick to buildings and vehicles
XM grenade launcher fires 2 grenades in the same clip , RPG7 does this aswell.
RPG2 rocket made faster.
TT33 fires 3 powerful rockets, has one reload
SA7 fires 5 rockets in the same clip, made slightly slower but turning circle made smaller
M60 Fires Caltrops and SKS Fires Pungi Sticks
M19 fires heat seeking rockets
Sniper rifles made super accurate, some have no recoil, M16S made automatic, M14 is super accurate
Nva Grenades explode napalm on contact with all materials except water
Projectiles of all vehicles and hand weapons in the game made more effective
Stuff we can’t remember…


Contact us at

[email protected]

For comments, ideas, requests for the next mod release 
And mod related stuff

Programs Used

MDK, both versions
Animation shop pro for small version background video
Fraps for large version background video
VideoEdit Converter Pro for WMV-AVI conversion
RAD Video tools for BIK conversion
Battlecraft 1.1 for the upcoming Vietnam 4049 map pack
BFV for obvious reasons…
Worms 3D for hilarious stress relief :D


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