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Battlefield Vietnam BFV World Tournament Has Reached The End!

Today we saw the world's top clans go at it for the prize of twelve 6800 GT Video Cards provided by NVIDIA and numerous prizes by EA Games. We had Paradigm Shift take on Project-K².BFV, this was a hard fought match but Paradigm Shift took home the gold with a 125-51 ticket win. As well as we had Ministry of Gamers take on Team Warchild for third place. Mini...


Battlefield Vietnam Letter From WCC Concerning Enhanced DC and POE

We have recieved a letter from the administration of WCC concerning the events suroounding Enhanced DC and POE. Please read on as this is something both sides are taking very seriously. Upon preliminary investigation, this is what the WCC administration has uncovered. 1. The Modding Team Cross referenced the BF 1942 platform as the guide for the Enha...


Battlefield Vietnam Global-Conflict Tournament

The Global-Conflict website has made an update today. It's about the new tournament they will be having tomorrow. Here's what they said: First of all, let me say what a great campaign it has been. For those that don't know I'll do a brief rundown of Campaign 7. It's funny how it's worked out though, with a few exceptions the campaign although obviously not...


Battlefield Vietnam Happy Birthday To... Me =D

Yep, the header says it all, i have moved a year further in life, and im really starting to feel the effects (too many carbonated drinks = :r ) I was going to make a map of a giant birthday cake, but battle craft ceases to work (OpenGL problem?) Anyways, kick back, open a :beer: and have a donut , or do nothing at all if you dont give a flying pig, whi...


Battlefield Vietnam Snag is leaving

Hey guys. After 110+ news posts I need to quit. I just don't have time to update as much as during the last weeks of I leave you. Maybe alot of you didn't even know I posted news. Doesn't matter. At least you got the news :). I'll still comment but no longer will I post news. Thanks guys. As Andrew says, "see ya on the battlefield."


Battlefield Vietnam happy B-day lewr

As one more year goes by he moves up one more year in age the big 18 years of age lewr is now! grab a beer an kick back!


Battlefield Vietnam WW 2 Servers up and running!!

Hey there guys the good folks over at Vietnam combat have put up 2 awesome servers for the recently released WW 2 mod by dice. Come join in on the fun here: Both of these servers will hold 50 soldiers Server 1: Server 2: See you guys there!!


Battlefield Vietnam Vietnam Update!!

Hey there fighters! is holding an awesome event: 2004 BFV Olympics! Read on! will host the 2004 BFV olympics with the new BFV OL map, soon to be released. Here are some screenshots COOL!!! This should be really fun! For more information, go to their website! :rock:


Battlefield Vietnam Vietnam Combat .net Tournament!

Hey there soldiers! Snag here with an interesting update from! Read on! is a free, public tournament. The tournament uses the game Battlefield: Vietnam, and uses real military tactics and command structure in which we fight 2-3 times per week for 8 hours. We use teamspeak and are looking for mature players 16+, that are...


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