Black & White 2

From the creative mind of god game developer Peter Molyneux comes Black & White 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Black & White. In this strategy game, you reprise your role as a powerful...

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Custom Maps Land 2335

Land 2335 is isle occupied by Norse and Japanese gods. Defeat them, and become the only god by capturing their towns.


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Custom Campaigns Powrt do Przeszoci - Old Campaingn

and old types of music!. All music comes from the first part of the Black and White. So it is the best mod in the likeness zgdem to the firs...


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Mods Roman Big Pak - Mod

the Black and White because the introduction of the country in question is a great idea. This mod adds an amendment to the texture: -Buildin...


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Mods Black and White2 - Throwback

a unique transformation of the Greeks in Romans. The Romans are not performed in any part of Black & White so I thought it would be a good i...


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Mods Roman_Textures_Mod - Accient War

thought it would be a good idea to enter this country in the game. Mod includes the texture of buildings and ROME NEW DISKS!. Please do not...


Skins New Loading Screen Colors

This mod changes the color of the loading indicators in the game.


Skins Recolored Icons

This mod changes a few of the icons in the game to have a different color scheme.


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Mods Villager More Heath and Life Time

this mod will make your villagers have 900 health and 800-900 years to live.there are no childrenwhen someone is born he will be born as a a...


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Modifications OGaM_v5.rar

The latest version in long development of Black & White 2: Of Gods and Mortals, the first fan-created game.


Skins Good_Advisor_Reskin

Just pop the contents into your Data/ctr/badvisor_good folder and your all set, works in new and saved games. any feed back is appreciated.


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Mods Super Creature Mod

This is my Second Mod, so please don't judge me too harshly if there are any mistakes simply email your problem to me at [email protected]


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Mods Good Alignment Mod

Hello People, This is my first mod so please don't judge too harshly, I have managed to make most things in game now give good points things...


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Mods Japanese Mod

PLAY AS THE JAPANESE ON BLACK & WHITE 2 SkelApe's Japanese Mod Makes the Japane...


Skins Warrior skin pack

Here's some new warrior skins Ive noticed the choices are rather lacking so hope you like em. Archers coming soon...


Wolf Amaterasu Skin

Notes: Fixed Amaterasu's eyes. Her pupils are now blended with her eye colour. Fixed Shiranui's pattern. It now looks more like the game...


Tiger Gekigami Skin

This is my 3rd skin. This skin is perfect for those who wish to add to their Okami range of creatures! If you liked my Amaterasu skin, then...


Wolf Amaterasu Skin

This skin is still eing modified. It has no replacement for good or evil wolf at the moment. Shiranui is still being heavily worked on for t...


Lion Red XIII Skin

This was my 2nd skin, I'm new to this so please be nice. I think you'll like this Red XIII even though certain parts of him had to be change...


Creatures Turtle creature

Ever wanted the Turtle on Black & White 2? Well now you can have it, just download this and let your adventure begin!


Mods The Egypt Project V2.1

THE EGYPT PROJECT V2.1 Create a majestic Egyptian city, wage wars with your genuine Egyptian archers and warriors, care for your Egyptian v...


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Skin Packs B&W 2 Skin Pack by TANATOS

B&W 2 Skin Pack by TANATOS A fantastic series of skins all brought and made together by Tanatos, it's a pretty large file for this sites...


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Mods Useless Enemy Army's

This is my first mod so please don't diss it! It completly makes all enemy troops useless and makes yours super powerful, this also makes...


Cow Ultimate HellCow

This is a skin that makes your cow look like the devil! Also included, a skin to make the hand look equally as devillish! (note: the first...


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Modifications The Egypt Project V2 (v2)

Create a majestic,thriving Egyptian city, now with an Egyptian jackal skin, awesome Egyptian infantry and a whole new desert landscape to ex...


Lion Devilish Lion

This is JaythReap's first skin for BW2. You can change your evil lion to this one. Just enjoy it and have an evil monster!


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Tools Tiger Unlocker

This is a German unlocker for the tiger for BNW 2 Steps 1- click on the executable tab ... and... Tadah!!! presto you unlocked...


Mods The Egypt Project V2

Create a majestic,thriving Egyptian city, now with an Egyptian jackal skin, awesome Egyptian infantry and a whole new desert landscape to ex...


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Tools And Utilities Black and White 2 Script Tool

A little tool that handles scripts for B&W2. The preview image shows most of the functionality.


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Modifications BW2 Script Tool (Beta)

Intergates all the elements required for scripting BW2 into one tool.


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Skins Apes Head

A skin for the ape that makes only the head visible!


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Modifications Ice Land 7

This is a ICE-Version of Land7 (from my Megamod) with two other gods.


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Skins New Turtle God

Get the turtle creature from the expansion pack, Battle of the gods and have it on Black and white 2.


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Modifications The Zoo Mod

This will change all of your villagers into animals! you will also get archers and soldiers.


Skins Elemental Skins

This is just a set of skins for each playable creature depicting elementals/golems. The Ape is depicted poorly as an Ice Elemental, the Li...


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Modifications Of Gods and Mortals Pre-DEMO Public Beta

Of Gods and Mortals is a Mod for Black and White 2, with the goals to implement some new features for Black and White 2 and remake some thin...


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Mods Of Gods And Mortals Pre-Demo Beta

Of Gods and Mortals - Pre-DEMO Public Beta Welcome to the OGAM Public Beta created by the OGAM Team. Please take a moment to read this re...


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Mods Complete Tribe Mod Set

This mod is the complete tribe mod set for Black and White 2, it incorporates all but four mods which are previously available on the site h...


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Video Early Teaser OGAM

This is the first teaser for Of Gods and Mortals and new vast mod being worked on by Daxter and various other members of the BW2 community t...


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Game Saves Tiger Game Save

This is a brand new Game with the tiger as your creature. The game was saved about 10s into the first playable land (L3). The save is 1.2 c...


Lion The Lord of Animals Skin

This is my first BW2 Skin for the Lion. The allignment is chosen by neutral (base) when you want to use this skin for a evil lion for exam...


Wolf Wolf Brood Skin

A Wolf skin based on the "Age Of Mythology" game.


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Tools Lndromat 0.96

Lndromat can create new Black & White .LND files from a raw height map, bump map, noise map, DDS file, and TGA texture image(s); examples of...


Mods Temple Sacrafices

This mod changes some balance in the game but most of all allows you just sacrifice loads of people at the temples, the screens look awesome...


Skins Japanese BOTG Mod

Finally we have a new BOTG's mod on BW2 Files! Swimmerboy has done a great job making new building and soldier skins and the whole building...


Skins New Creature Pen

A brand new creature pen reskin, Allali has brought out a totally different design which makes it looks more modern and advanced, a must hav...


Lion Midnight Lion

Hi this is an updated version of my first skin the midnight lion for the evil lion, it glows midnight blue and it has red eyes with green pu...


People - Soldiers Egyptian People

A very nice mod adding in a new skin for people, it has all the characters in there and re-lives one of the Earths most civilized nations.


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Mods Cheap Builder

Basically this mod just changes the cost of all buildings, miracles, and all other thingys that need tribute in order to be bought, to cost...


Lion Midnight Lion Skin

Hi this is my first skin, the midnight lion skin for the evil lion. i hope you like it! to install just put the in the C:...


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Start Up Logos Homer Simpson StartupLogo

The Homer Tile Game This is a mod that will replace the falling tiles at the start of the game to homer simpson IMPORTANT Remember t...


Skins Japanese Ampitheatre Building Skin

This is my 1st skin and is based on a japanese style amphitheatre please Enjoy it!


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BW1 Maps Land 1 re-scripted

To get this to work swap this with your original land 1 story map script. Do backup the original file first


BW1 Skins Blue Gorilla

A nice blue gorilla with the same effect as the Blue cow he done, a little glow to it to make it much more sophisticated. To use a skin:...


Wolf Undead Wolf

A very nice Undead wolf with infections around his glowing eyes, a great dark God.


BW1 Skins Blue Cow

A basic simple blue cow with a little alien glow to it. To use a skin: For hands and creature skins: The contents of the zipped file sh...


Lion Lion Skins

Lion skins, red lines and blue according to alignment.


BW1 Maps land 2 Original

I know there are many maps with land 2, but all extremely modified. My land 2 map is more exactly. You begin with nothing, just a town ce...


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BW1 Maps Silvers Land

Thank you for downloading this map This is a skirmish map of land 1, it has 7 gods in it. To play this skirmish copy the file then mov...


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Tools Sculpted Trainer

This is a 'trainer' for SculptEd1.0b. It makes the program (SculptEd) to adjust the height of the terrain (under the brush) to a specif...


Tools Black and White 2 Trainer

This is the Black and White 2 Trainer v1.2.0.1 (Final) , for B&W2 version 1.2 (if you do not update to 1.2, this trainer will not work). Th...