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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Well, it's been a long run since I took over, files came thick and then back then but not any more. I received an email today saying the site would be closed along with a whole list of other sites because of the lack of members/ community and things and it's true, we only really have a few authors here who post regularly. It's too late to make Pro-Filer's mind change I've tried with another site I co-admin but to be honest I think BW2Files reached it's peak a long time ago.

I have to say sorry to all the members and guests that visit the site and all I can really say that contacting developers is actually quite hard as most of them don't reply to your emails. But I know this site did reach it's full potential under me after it was down in the dumps when it's previous admin left but it didn't last as the files became rather scarce. However it came back down and I apologize for that, I'd like to say that there aren't many BW2 fansites left and this was one of the major ones that players visited to I'd like to say from me Digz, good bye Black and White 2 Files.

On a lighter note if Lionhead get moving and there is a BW3 and I'm still here at FileFront I'd be sure to step in and get a BW3Files site up and running in I don't know 2020 or something :p All the files will be archived and still be available for download but no new files will be posted.

Peace Out From Black and White 2 Files


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