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There's a new project in the community which is under construction and has the name of Live A Villagers Life. It seems that this team is aiming to make it so you can play as a Villager and do the things that they do, you'll be able to build structures, collect food and many other things. Here's what the team has said:
I have been working on this for about a month now, thought id finally post it... Well with all the work, its been taking a very damn long time, but we got the camera fixed, and the 'gods hand' off the screen, still configuring human controls.. Yes u are a villager in this mod Q: Can u go in houses? A: Well thats impossible for us right now, we are still looking for a texture/artist for that part Q:can u build houses? A: No, not at the moment.. the team has found Nothing to edit this Q: When will this release? A: There is no release date or beta release date at the moment... not till 2006 Q: How will this effect multiplayer if they make a multiplayer? A: Well this only works in single player, i thought of it as an rp... but.. well ya know.. Q: Do you have any openings/jobs in the team? A: Well we just need an artist/texturer Q: Will 200$-600$ programs be supported? A: Yes, if your job is a artist/texture, we will send you the program. Q: What will the program include? A: Model Viewer/Model Editor, Texturing, Script Editor. all for the moment _______________________________ Miracles: There will be no miracles to use. Buildings/build: Well still trying to figure this out at the moment. Jumping: Will not be available Houses: UNAVAILABLE Desciples: Well the only available Desciples we got working r Foresting and fielding More Information SOON one of our members just tested the movement, works GREAT! a behindview, of course, and a firstperson view, works but a few errors, what will town be like? well first you make your own town as a god, then push esc, and click, "Birth" lol we know what your thinking, but no... you start out in a tavern, kinda like fable. you grow as you gain good deeds.. (still workin on it) well what we mean by 'DEEDS' is when you do something good, you will see a + rise infront of you in first person view, or in behind view, a + above your head. if you kill, and you grow to evil, people will try to assassinate you. If you die? screen goes black slowly, camera falls to the ground.. and the camera is reset to god view, from here you are a god from now, btw, if you go into "Birth" and you look above the altar, you see light, of course thats what we just tested out, the light is the god.. we thought it was an eclipse lol Screenshots will be available soon
You can check out more at the Official BW2 Forums. It sounds very interesting! Keep us informed guys.
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