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TORTANICK is working on making a Populous mod for Black & White 2. He's posted a message on the Official BW2 Forums which tells us a bit about his plans and what the mod will basically feature. Here's what he said:
Just an idea of creating a BnW/populous hybrid. In this you don't have direct control over cities, they attempt to gather all resources at an equal rate (that includes mana), these are then spent at an equal rate on producing villagers, solders, and houses. Villagers gather resources. Houses control your maximum population and solders fight. You can increase the rate they gather resources by doing the following: Food: water fields or use fisting to herd wild animals into flocks Wood: water trees or chop trees down, it involves rocks ore: I don't know how ore is gathered in BnW but here its gathered by hacking away at the side of a mountain, you can speed it up by throwing rocks at the mountain. You have no control over your people, your job is to help them in their suicidal attack plans, (we have over X men, CHARGE) and there is no way to win peacefully. Creature: there is no creature Miracles: the bulk of your time is spent casting miracles, the method is a lot harder than either BnW. You can trace lines on the earth itself for a small cost in mana and if they form one of the gestures the lines glow and remain in the earth draining your mana. you can scribble over a gesture to remove it. In addition to miracles mana is used on any form of interaction The power of a miracle and its cost is defined by the average size of the gestures involved. sample miracles: Fire + arrow = flamethrower Fire + sphere = fireball Fire + wall = firewall Fire + water + arrow: sprays lava that behaves like a liquid Fire + water + sphere: creates a ball of lave to throw Fire + water + wall: causes an eruption of lava from the painted area. There is no repeat gesture, if you want to stockpile you have to draw lots of gestures and pay to maintain them. To finish a miracle draw a circle around its gestures.
Sounds interesting! I wish him good luck, keep us informed TORTANICK!
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