Black & White 2

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advisors Umpa Lumpa

This is the file that changes the evil advisor to an umpa lumpa.


advisors Bad Good Advisor

This is the file that changes the good advisor to a black advisor.


advisors Orcish Fun

Changes the Bad Advisor to more of a orcish guy.


advisors Orcish Fun

A Orc skin for the Bad/Evil Advisor.


advisors JackMix69's Good Advisor Skin

This mod will make the good advisor either even more good, or evil. Have Fun!


advisors Cartman Advisor

Changes the Advisor to look somewhat like Cartman From South Park.


advisors Mr. T (Good Advisor)

I PITY THE FOO! Thats right, Mr.T is back and in Your GAME! He takes over the roll of the good advisor.


advisors Old Man Bummers

Changes the good advisor into a bum/old man.


advisors Apocalypse Evil Advisor

Hey everyone, this is my first evil advisor skin, and my first skin I made tribal symbols on. I hope you like it.


advisors Evil Good Advisor

Changes The Good Advisor.


advisors Blue Advisor

Changes the look of the bad advisor to a blue skin. The color is pretty well done, the blue is perfect. Also note the red eyes, they turned...


advisors Dremora (Good Advisor)

For all you morrowind fans (myself included) this is the right good advisor skin for you! I made a neat little skin that makes your g...


advisors Chinese Opera Advisor

Changed the Advisor into a Chinese Opera ADvisor