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BW1 Maps Loves Welt

Land is made out of land 2, has nuetral creatures, many gods and three types of land.


BW1 Maps BW1-Phantasialandx

On this map are seven gods on LandT. Its a very funny map. Two enemies are on the little island on the map.


BW1 Maps BW1- King of Fighters

A simple straight-forward fight training map with miracles near your temple andsome famous fighters(scar, silent bob, and lilgit) and a gori...


BW1 Maps Beta Map Land 7

This is a Map of my planned Mega Mod for the Skirmish mode. This is the Land with the ID 7 of my Mod.


BW1 Maps Cola Land

Colaland is a big Forest with big trees and four enemies. The big trees are good for wood!:);)


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BW1 Maps Silvers Land

Thank you for downloading this map This is a skirmish map of land 1, it has 7 gods in it. To play this skirmish copy the file then mov...


BW1 Maps land 2 Original

I know there are many maps with land 2, but all extremely modified. My land 2 map is more exactly. You begin with nothing, just a town ce...


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BW1 Maps Land 1 re-scripted

To get this to work swap this with your original land 1 story map script. Do backup the original file first


BW1 Mods BW1-Eye Image Mod

This file will replace the particle displacement image at the start of the game with this image.


BW1 Mods BW1- Pheanix image MOd

This file will replace the particle displacement image at the start of the game with this image.


BW1 Mods BW1- Atlantis Mod

This is a huge mod making new islands and changing some scripts. This is great for those of you that are bored or getting tired of BW1. This...


BW1 Mods Atlantis Mod Patch 1.05

This is a new patch to the Atlantis Mod adding in new scripts for the Islands, to make it a bit more interesting.


BW1 Skins BW1- Blue Ape Skin

A great Blue ape skin, it really does stand out and you can always find him!


BW1 Skins BW1-Golden Ape

Well its another ape, this time nice and Gold, you'll probably get a good deal of belief with this creature!


BW1 Skins BW1- New Tiger Skin

A new multicoloured skin to add to your Black and White 1 Directory, this skin just looks cool and makes your tiger look quite neat!


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BW1 Skins Good Hand Reskin

A reskin of a good hand for BW1. It's rather normal but a bit lighter than usual obviously representing good.


BW1 Skins Good Horse Skin

A simple change to the horse skin for black and white 1. It's more of a good horse now, lightly coloured blue which gives it the more angel...


BW1 Skins Blue Cow

A basic simple blue cow with a little alien glow to it. To use a skin: For hands and creature skins: The contents of the zipped file sh...


BW1 Skins Blue Gorilla

A nice blue gorilla with the same effect as the Blue cow he done, a little glow to it to make it much more sophisticated. To use a skin:...