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BW1 Maps Loves Welt

Land is made out of land 2, has nuetral creatures, many gods and three types of land.


BW1 Maps BW1-Phantasialandx

On this map are seven gods on LandT. Its a very funny map. Two enemies are on the little island on the map.


BW1 Maps BW1- King of Fighters

A simple straight-forward fight training map with miracles near your temple andsome famous fighters(scar, silent bob, and lilgit) and a gori...


BW1 Maps Beta Map Land 7

This is a Map of my planned Mega Mod for the Skirmish mode. This is the Land with the ID 7 of my Mod.


BW1 Maps Cola Land

Colaland is a big Forest with big trees and four enemies. The big trees are good for wood!:);)


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BW1 Maps Silvers Land

Thank you for downloading this map This is a skirmish map of land 1, it has 7 gods in it. To play this skirmish copy the file then mov...


BW1 Maps land 2 Original

I know there are many maps with land 2, but all extremely modified. My land 2 map is more exactly. You begin with nothing, just a town ce...


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BW1 Maps Land 1 re-scripted

To get this to work swap this with your original land 1 story map script. Do backup the original file first