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BW1 Skins BW1- Blue Ape Skin

A great Blue ape skin, it really does stand out and you can always find him!


BW1 Skins BW1-Golden Ape

Well its another ape, this time nice and Gold, you'll probably get a good deal of belief with this creature!


BW1 Skins BW1- New Tiger Skin

A new multicoloured skin to add to your Black and White 1 Directory, this skin just looks cool and makes your tiger look quite neat!


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BW1 Skins Good Hand Reskin

A reskin of a good hand for BW1. It's rather normal but a bit lighter than usual obviously representing good.


BW1 Skins Good Horse Skin

A simple change to the horse skin for black and white 1. It's more of a good horse now, lightly coloured blue which gives it the more angel...


BW1 Skins Blue Cow

A basic simple blue cow with a little alien glow to it. To use a skin: For hands and creature skins: The contents of the zipped file sh...


BW1 Skins Blue Gorilla

A nice blue gorilla with the same effect as the Blue cow he done, a little glow to it to make it much more sophisticated. To use a skin:...