Black & White 2

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All Files In Black & White 2 Hands
Hands Cover Art Hands Skins

This small mod replaces the textures on the good and evil god hands to make them more true to the cover art of the game. The evil hand has b...


Hands Tiger Hands

This skin changes the hands to give them a nice Tiger feel.


Hands Once Alive

Changes the Evil Hand to a more.... well evil hand.


Hands Good And Evil 001

killonomad @lias Max has been on a skinning spree, as the skinner has brought us another file. This one changes the Good and Evil Hands.


Hands Jackmix69 Skins Hands (Opal and Necro)

I was always disappointed on how little skins there were for the hand, so I hope this helps. This skin pack includes a good and evil...


Hands Greek Mythology Hands

I got a good idea a while back, and I figured since your a greek god, why not base some skins of 3 greek mythology gods : Zeus (good)...


Hands Fire Hand

A neat change for the good hand, kinda a fire look to it.


Hands Hand of Death

This skin will replace the red evil hand with undead hand from Batlle of the Gods trailer. Well it is not accurate but it's something...


Hands Zombie Hand

Turns your hand into a Zombie Hand.