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Tiger Ice Tiger

Ice Tiger, a good change for the good, evil and neutral tiger.


Tiger Fire Lion

FireLion skin. To use, Please put the .dds files into the :\Program Files\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2\Dat...


Tiger Nala and Kiara Skins

Two Tiger skins in one Pack.


Tiger Neon and Flesh Tiger

A pretty neat skin, the evil tiger is pretty well done.


Tiger Colorful Azure Tiger

A pretty neat looking skin for the tiger done by Jackmix69. Adds alot of color and depth to the skin.


Tiger Devils Pets (Tiger Skin Set)

Hey all, made a skin set for the Tiger I call,"The Devil's Pets" Check the screenies for detail.


Tiger Tabby Cat

Changes the Good tiger to have a more tabby cat look.


Tiger Prince of Persia Tiger Skin

This is the tiger redone to look like the one in Prince of Persia, Sands of Time.


Tiger Tiger 'N' Stripes

Changes the tiger to have some different stripes and stuff.


Tiger Kay Tiger

I made a new tiger skin base on Kay the tiger, from The Legend of Kay, on the PS2.


Tiger Arcane Evil Tiger

This is just a working file of the old file.


Tiger Sparky

Its the authors first skin, a pretty good first attempt, gives a little bit of light spots all over the skin.


Tiger Panther

Changes the Tiger to look more like a Panther.


Tiger Liger

Changes your Tiger into a Liger.


Tiger White Tiger

A lovely white tiger skin, it really stands out gives your tiger that rarity!


Tiger Fire Tiger Skin

The new and improved Fire Tiger skin, it looks better and meaner than the other one!


Tiger Gekigami Skin

This is my 3rd skin. This skin is perfect for those who wish to add to their Okami range of creatures! If you liked my Amaterasu skin, then...


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