Arcane Evil Tiger

This is just a working file of the old file.


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This is just a working file of the old file.

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Arcane Evil Tiger Skin 1.0

Hey everyone this is another of my official skins! I will take any and all feedback to make it the best possible and as I learn more I hope to create better things!

This wouldn't be possible if not for the comprehensive infromation provided by Llam4 on the Black and White Boards. Thanks to you!

I hope you enjoy, he looks killer at Night!(as an evil creature should!)
Some notes, the screens were taken of a neutral tiger forced with the evil skins.
His eyes are green with cat slits
His rune stripes fade from deep red to bright red


Take the 3 Files in the .rar and unzip it temporarily to your desktop. Cut it. Then navigate to your installation of Black and White 2. Then to your Data. Then to ctr. Then to Btiger. Put these files in there. Done and done!

To unistall simply delete these files from that folder and you got your old skin back!


None I am aware of thats why I need you! This was developed and tested on a high end machine. I am not sure how well the textures or the reflection will appear on a mid or low system. Please let me know of any problems or suggestion! Thanks

Please host this anywhere you can! Just give credit where its due!

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