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Changes between v0.3 and v0.4: - Fixed creature alignment values. Should work on all levels now. - Added "Impressiveness 100,000 (Lock) (...


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Changes between v0.3 and v0.4: - Fixed creature alignment values. Should work on all levels now. - Added "Impressiveness 100,000 (Lock) (Toggle)"

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Black and White 2 v1.1 English/US - Trainer v0.4

This trainer now fully supports both the US and Euro/Other version of Black & White 2 v1.1

Just incase, I'm including the .exe sizes for reporting purposes.

US: white.exe 20.7 MB (21,753,856 bytes)

Euro: white.exe 20,7 MB (21.751.936 bytes)


- Place the trainer .exe in your Black & White 2 game folder.

- Run the trainer.

- Click the "Launch" button.

If for some reason Launch doesn't work, it usually means that the trainer is not in the same directory as white.exe (the game's exe).  Simply run the trainer, then run the game.

Changes between v0.3 and v0.4:

- Fixed creature alignment values.  Should work on all levels now.

- Added "Impressiveness 100,000 (Lock) (Toggle)"

(Lock) - Means that the value will be locked and most likely maxed. Creature Health, for instance.

(Toggle) - Means that hitting the same key combo again will disable the feature.  Another way to determine if something is toggled, is by the text color in this trainer.  If you press the key combo and the text turns/stays red, it is toggled on.

Other things surrounded by () - Used to specify things like, how much something is changed.  Also used to help out with figuring out which hot-key to press.  

Example: Ctrl+Numpad * (star) - This means, use Ctrl+ Number Pad Star.



God Alignment = Ctrl+Up Arrow (increase) - Ctrl+Down Arrow (decrease)

Creature Alignment = Shift+F8 (Good) - Ctrl+F8 (Neutral) - Alt+F8 (Evil)

Height = Shift+F9 (Short) - Ctrl+F9 (Mid-Size) - Alt+F9 (Tall)

Fatness = Shift+F10 (Skinny) - Ctrl+F10 (Thick) - Alt+F10 (Fat Bastard)

Health = Ctrl+Numpad 0 (Full) - Alt+Numpad 0 (Lock) (Toggle)

Wonder - Use Without Charge = Shift+F11 (Toggle)

Wonder - Halt Charge Depletion = Ctrl+F11 (Toggle)

Wonder - Halt Charge Up = Alt+F11 (Toggle)

I have not tested the wonder options with a CPU player.  While the 2nd and 3rd options will affect the CPU player, im not sure if the first option (Use Without Charge) will affect when/if the CPU player uses their wonders.  Good luck ;)

Muscle = Ctrl+Numpad 1 (Strong) - Alt+Numpad 1 (Weak)

Fitness = Ctrl+Numpad 2 (Fit) - Alt+Numpad 2 (Unfit)

Tiredness+Breath (or out of breath) - Ctrl+Numpad 3 (Full of Energy) - Alt+Numpad 3 (Very Tired)

Hair Length = Ctrl+Numpad 4 (Long) - Alt+Numpad 3 (Short)

Hunger = Ctrl+Numpad 5 (Not Hungry) - Alt+Numpad 5 (Very Hungry)

p00p = Ctrl+Numpad 6 (Remove Poo) - Alt+Numpad 6 (Remove Poo) (Lock) (Toggle)

Happiness - Ctrl+Numpad 7 (Very Happy) - Alt+Numpad 7 (Unhappy)

Anger - Ctrl+Numpad 8 (Angry) - Alt+Numpad 8 (Not Angry)

Fear  - Ctrl+Numpad 9 (Scared) - Alt+Numpad 8 (Unafraid)

Spell Mana Max = Ctrl+Numpad / (Set 60000)   -   Alt+Numpad /  (Set 60000) (Lock) (Toggle)

Tribute = Ctrl+Numpad + (plus) = Set Tribute to 1.3 meeeelionnnn dollars... err... Tribute

Impressiveness = Alt+Numpad + (plus) = Set/Lock Impressiveness to 100,000 (Really made to be toggled on, then off.  If you enter a new land with this on, you will auto-take that land.)

Storehouse = Ctrl+Numpad * (star) - This option, if left on, will eventually crash the game, as the resources, piled high at the base of a storehouse, eventually grow too large.  Enable the option, snag your resources from the storehouse, dump them somewhere, then disable it.

Freeze Ore in Mines = Alt+NumPad * (star) - Use this, if the storehouse code is giving you problems.

Pregnancy = Ctrl+Numpad - (minus)  (Toggle) - Be careful with this one.  Don't leave it running too long :)  Watch your population closely.  At one point, I had 1500 citizens and 7600 children.  Soon after, I crashed.


Legal Information:  Using this trainer in any other way then what it is intended for, would be ... well not illegal... Just illogical.

Distribution Information: If you want to host it, feel free.

Contact Information: If you want to contact me, good luck finding my e-mail address.

This one is for all you folks at forums.

- Zhoul

p.s. The "Range Check" error is expected when you try to shut-down the trainer.  This is an error in the software I used to create this trainer.

Thanks to testers:






Master Peppens


Any others I may have forgot to add to my AIM list.

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