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The New Version of the BW2 Trainer. All the updates below.


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The New Version of the BW2 Trainer. All the updates below.

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New Features:

v0.9.93 - v1.0.0
-- Disable Baby-Factory after X seconds.
--== This feature is found right under the Baby-Factory cheat. As it states, it will disable Baby Factory after the specified time. This was implemented because people (including myself) would accidentally leave the cheat active until the point of game crash. This is not really a 'bug' in the trainer, but an unexpected and unhandled event by B&W2 itself (I guess they never thought their women would have a baby every 15-20 seconds, repetedly /grin). Baby-Factory, in general, should be used with "Villager Age Control" so that the babies come out 18 years of age. This helps prevent crashing, because parents are only allowed about 10-15 children at any one time, before the game crashes.
-- Revised the error message that is given, if the detected B&W2 version is not v1.1. Also asks if user would like to download the patch. Default = Yes =)
-- Hot-key Maps are now included in the .zip
-- Needed system files are now included in the zip. If you get a message that you do not have MSCOMCTL.OCX or MSVBVM60.DLL , please use the .zip package included and unzip them to C:\Windows\System32 (or to whatever location your Windows\System32 folder is)."

-- For now "Infinite Resources In Piles/Storehouses" has been disabled in the trainer itself. This feature was causing crashing simply because I have not handled all the code that relates to piles in storehouses. Worry not, "Infinite Mine Resourecs" and "Endless Resource Piles" still work perfectly.
-- Various and Forgotten bug fixes.

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