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Black & White 2 v1.2 - All Countries - Trainer - v1.2.0

bw2v12_trn_v1200.zip —


The new version of the trainer with some very nice fixes. Works with the new patch.



Black and White 2 v1.2 English/US - Trainer v1.2.0

This trainer now fully (and only) supports both the US and Euro/Other versions of Black & White 2 v1.2

- Place the trainer .exe in your Black & White 2 game folder. (This is no longer a requirement post v0.5)
- Run the trainer.
- Click the "Play Black & White 2" button.
- At the main menu: Continue or Load a game
- Once in-game, you may use the hot-keys to control the trainer while in game.
- You may also Alt+Tab out to the trainer and directly modify things there.
- *Note* - CreatureMorph(tm) does not have any hot-keys coded yet.  Best run using 2 PC setup.

v1.0.0 - v1.2.0
-- "Enable Voice" feature, which uses Microsoft SAPI to give the user feedback as to which cheats they are enabling/disabling.
--== This feature only functions with the actual cheats, but not with the stat/slider bars just yet (if ever).
-- Sound feedback on all 3 "Disable" buttons (For disabling cheats, stat locks or both).  Both Voice and standard sound.

-- This is one I know you folks will enjoy.  I fixed the Ignore Influence Boundries hack!  Where before I thought I wasn't capturing
--== enough of the code to make it function right, I finally found I just simply wasn't going deep enough, to the root of it all.
--== The 'fix' was to replace about 24 lines of code, with 4 lines of code ;)  The simplest answer is always the best, eh?
-- Fixed some issues pertaining to process detection and attachment.  Also fixed an endless loop of message boxes that some people
--== may have experienced at some point.
-- Updated the "Gimme 1.7 Million Tribute!" button.  Now properly named "Gimme 1.7 Billion Tribute!"

v0.9.93 - v1.0.0
-- Disable Baby-Factory after X seconds.
--== This feature is found right under the Baby-Factory cheat.  As it states, it will disable Baby Factory after the specified time.  This was implemented because people (including myself) would accidentally leave the cheat active until the point of game crash.  This is not really a 'bug' in the trainer, but an unexpected and unhandled event by B&W2 itself (I guess they never thought their women would have a baby every 15-20 seconds, repetedly /grin).  Baby-Factory, in general, should be used with "Villager Age Control" so that the babies come out 18 years of age.  This helps prevent crashing, because parents are only allowed about 10-15 children at any one time, before the game crashes.
-- Revised the error message that is given, if the detected B&W2 version is not v1.1.  Also asks if user would like to download the patch.  Default = Yes =)
-- Hot-key Maps are now included in the .zip
-- Needed system files are now included in the zip.  If you get a message that you do not have MSCOMCTL.OCX or MSVBVM60.DLL , please use the .zip package included and unzip them to C:\Windows\System32 (or to whatever location your Windows\System32 folder is)."

-- For now "Infinite Resources In Piles/Storehouses" has been disabled in the trainer itself.  This feature was causing crashing simply because I have not handled all the code that relates to piles in storehouses.  Worry not,  "Infinite Mine Resourecs" and "Endless Resource Piles" still work perfectly.
-- Various and Forgotten bug fixes.

v0.9.92 - v0.9.93
-- New menu system to CreatureMorph page. File and Actions are the two main menu's. Below Actions, are 3 options to Enable/Disable/Invert all 80 checkmark boxes on the page.
-- Made a tabbed view on the main page to enable more options in 1 place.
-- Three Tabs have been created. The newest features...
--== An embedded "Wally's Creature Changer", with documentation and link to updates.
--== GUI Features - This will be visible on both the Main and Wonders/Resources pages. Three buttons, "Disable Cheats", "Disable Stat Locks" and "Disable Both", for quick disabling of trainer features.
-- Offsets added to Checkbox ToolTips and villager populations! - When the game is running, hover your mouse over the checkboxes. Most people won't use this information, so its designed specifically for those who might 
--== *HINT* - The offsets reported by this new feature, can somehow be seen or used in the CreatureMorph(tm) page.
-- Added a "Reset" button between Creature Minimum/Maximum Size. It simply has an "R" on it, but the tool-tip gives more info. This will reset to 'v1.1 defaults'. It *does not write to any files*, so if you have changed the CreatureBalance.txt file, this will reset to v1.1 values, only until you quit the game.
-- Added 2 buttons to the CreatureMorph(tm) page labeled <----- and ----->
--== These buttons will take the current offset (default is &H0) and subtract/add &H140 to it.
--== Why +/- &H140? Because changing the offset by that much is equal to a 'full page' of values. (kind of like previous/next page buttons).
--== Why would I want to do this?! Because you can 'find your own' hacks in the areas of memory where I found some.
--== *Warning* - This can definately cause the game to end unexpectedly, however the 80 default features should not crash the game. Always save/backup before using this feature.
-- For all features with in-game hot-keys, I have added their combonation to the tooltips (mouse hover pops) of their names. I.e. Hover your mouse over &quot;God Alignment&quot; , &quot;Mana&quot; , &quot;Impressiveness&quot; etc. For the cheats, I have added their key-combo to the actual cheat object, i.e. hover your mouse over the Baby Factory check-box, etc.
-- Added hot-key support for GUI Features. Ctrl+Home = Disable All Cheats / Alt+Home = Disable All Locks / Ctrl+Alt+Home = Disable Both

v0.9.91 - v0.9.92
-- Minimum/Maximum Creature Size!  That's right, just like modifying the text files, but without any of the editing, and on-the-go change capabilities.  No Hotkeys just yet, but you can change these two values prior to loading a save-game.  Lasts until you quit B&W2.  Settings are saved (and loaded) with profiles.
-- &quot;Cheat Detection&quot; - Old way: No detection.  If an option, like BabyFactory were turned on, then the trainer was closed/re-opened, it would appear that BabyFactory were disabled, however, it is still enabled because from the last trainer instance.  New way: Now scans the memory and updates the check-boxes and radio buttons, accordingly.
-- More sound feedback! - Now, when you reach either extent of a value, you will hear start.wav (the click) and chord.wav (synonymous with message box pop-up sounds).  i.e. If you are holding the key combo for health increase, once it reaches full, you will hear a 'ding' sound along with your 'click' sound.
-- Expanded on the CreatureMorph page.  This is really not an option that your average gamer will enjoy or even understand.  If you have no idea what you're doing, it's pretty safe to use the default on/off button.  Even safer to use the &quot;View Only&quot; button.  If you're feelin lucky, well, try changing the offset value.  There are about 250 4 byte blocks that determine creature 'look', in the &quot;CreatureMorph&quot; mem space. The form only shows 80 of them.  You will find values I have not, both forward and backward frmo the default offset.  To get a negative offset, simply subtract the ammt of bytes, from FFFFFFFF , and that will bring you backward.
-- Nadda damn thing.  I'm assuming that bug fixes are in the next release =) (no known bugs right now).

v0.9.8 - v0.9.91
-- Readme, to the Help/About page
-- Updated: Coming Soon section, of Help/About.  Simply states that all of the coming soon features were added.  No new ones.
-- Hotkey Support:  For Villager age control.  Toggle option on/off = Ctrl+Alt+F12  -  Increase Age = Ctrl+F12  -  Decrease Age = Alt+F12
-- Sound Support (Sorry MG, windows defaut sounds right now).  Also note the check-mark box added to the form.  Uncheck this box to disable the sound from hotkeys feature.
-- Fixed - Profile loading issues.  I.e.  You would save a profile, change values then load it and notice that some values return to the state they were, prior to loading the profile.  In short: All profiles should load correctly now.
-- Fixed - Villager Age Control - I don't know what I was thinking when I coded it initially, but it sure wasn't right.  No longer buggy :)  Works like a charm.
-- Fixed - Coding issue with the &quot;Resource&quot; radio buttons.  In short: This fixes a crash issue related to the feature (so there should be no more)
-- Fixed - Possible overflow issue with happiness/fear/anger/boredom features, on tutorial lands. Before I modified the code, my ape game would make the trainer toss an overflow message.  Now it just ignores the value until the tutorial part is over.

v0.9.7 - v0.9.8
-- Added - Villager Age Control - *Still Buggy* - Lets say you have 100 adults, 50 children.  When you toggle this on, your children will then be 19+, thus you have no children.  When you toggle this off, all citizens return to the age they would have been.  Adults population will not drop , children population will increase.  Doesn't crash the game, but does mess with the 'needs' of the people.
-- Added - Current housing numbers, Adults/Children.  Unfortunately, this seems to only reflect the numbers of villagers/children/houses in your first/main 'base'.  This feature was added so you could toggle on Baby-Factory and watch the children number increase.  *warning* If you toggle this option on, wait 5-10 seconds, then turn it off, you will produce 1 full round of babies (equal to the number of women, exactly).  Some people report that they can't turn off this feature.  They *can* and do, but you must be patient and wait for all the women to finish up with having the 'current' child.
-- Added - Profile Menu's!  You can save up to 4 settings profiles, and load them, with hot-key support! - CTRL+F1 - CTRL+F4 to load any profile.  Saving still takes using the interface, as you have to name the profile.
-- Moved - The &quot;Play B&W2&quot; and &quot;Help/About&quot; buttons to the top shifting everything else downward.
-- Changed - The way that locked values work.  Now, you may freely change the values with hot-keys, even when locked.  The value will remain locked, where ever you leave it.
-- Changed - The way &quot;Lock Impressiveness&quot; functions.  Before: It would 'fight' with B&W2 to force set the impressiveness value.   Now: It disables the 3 pieces of B&W2 code that write this value, therefore: Allowing you to set it to 0 , and not 'gain' any impressiveness.
-- Fixed - Issues surrounding the &quot;Toggle&quot; feature, on the CreatureMorph(tm) page.  I forget exactly what I did, but it's a good thing, I sware =)

v0.9.6 - v0.9.7
-- Step change buttons, to the CreatureMorph(tm) page
-- Messagebox, to &quot;Toggle Editing On&quot; button, to tell user game must be running.
-- Was exparimenting with the Help/About features, and toggled the icons to a mode that made it hard to run the attachments.
-- Fixed that issue by changing them back to their original form.

v0.9.5 - v0.9.6
- Added Adult/Child count to the Resources area of the main form
- Re-Added feature for 1.7 mil Tribute (forgot to translate from old trainer)

v0.9.4 - v0.9.5
-- First signs of CreatureMorph(TM).  All unnamed, (come on folks, i need names for em'!! help me out here ;)

v0.9.3 - 0.9.4
-- Boredom Slider
-- HARD CODED Hot-Keys - Just to satisfy the hot-key need in all of us, i have hard-coded the v0.5 hotkeys into this release for ease of testing.  The sounds have not been added yet, however.  There is no shift combo anymore, as CTRL and ALT are 'add' and 'subtract'.  Pressing CTRL and ALT together + hotkey, will lock that value (yes, all values can now be locked via hot-key).   Check the extras page for a key print-out (once again, it will be 'like' that map, but not exactly).
-- 2nd option for infinite resources...  test it out ;)
-- The ability to raise food values past 100% !

v0.9.3 > v0.9.4
-- Spelling error: Influance > Influence (changed in the label and tool-tip)
-- Issue with &quot;Ignore Influance Boundries&quot; - If enabled, then game was paused outside own SOI, the feature would 'break' until feature disabled/return to ring/enabled - Found code that was doing it and disabled it when cheat is enabled.
-- Issue with &quot;Infinite Storehouse Resources&quot; - When disabled, it would neglect to re-write the 1st of 2 code sections.  This caused resources to not appear to be added or removed (the graphic would stay, the resources would not) - Fixed by making both pieces of code write properly when turned on/off

-- As always, other things I forgot ;)

Thanks to testers:
Master Peppens
Any others I may have forgot to add to my AIM list.

Official Host:

Other Hosts:

== Legal ==
This trainer can now be hosted on any site that does not require paid membership.  This trainer may not be sold/packaged/re-packaged, separately, or as any part of a compilation.  REAL FREEWARE SHOULD REMAIN FREE!

You may contact the coder of this trainer via AIM - LqdGroover

Fikry Raka

4 years ago

i can't make it to work. whenever i tried to start it, it says MSCOMCTL.OCX missing. already tried to put the file in my system32 folder but it is not working :/

I have been having the same issue. I cannot get the trainer to run at all. 


4 years ago

It's due to the library not being a part of Windows 7 or 10, but there's a solution here: http://www.ridilabs.net/post/2016/05/15/Missing-MSCOMCTLocx-on-Windows-10.aspx

Michael Wick

4 years ago

Hey so I got it all fixed up was finally able to run the trainer, start B&W2 using the trainer, etc. but I get into the game and look at the trainer and it says it can't connect to the game. 

Any ideas?