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All versions of Black & White: Land 1 from v2.6 are now standalone, meaning you don't need to have any
files from previous versions installed, neither do you need the Turtle or Zombie Ape installed.

BNW: LAND 1: V2.8

New features include:

- Intro can now be skipped by pressing Backspace on your keyboard.

- All Epics are now cinematic

- Rebuilt all towns on the landscape and rewrote the AI script to suit it

- Replaced Singing Stones challenge with Kalev's Falling Blocks

- Fixed Creature Selection

- Fixed Volcano Cinematic. Almost the same as BnW2 now.

- Fixed Alignment Selection

- Fixed Rock Throwing Challenge

- Fixed, Updated, Enhanced and Improved the Megablast Creed Power

- Removed AI protection System

- Land 4 will soon be connected to BnW: Land 1 to allow players to jump from one land to the next.

- Finished Earthquake Cinematic

- Added text to Megablast Creed Stone and updated others, so not confuse.

- Visually enhanced the map, by using suitable and similar textures together.

Coming Soon:

- BnW: Land 4

- Underdark

- A final Siren Script that works

- BnW: Land 2

- Midi Player to replace Music Isle statues

To install:- (default: C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2)
Be sure to choose 'Yes to All' to overwrite all files.

- Land2871.bwe ---------> Data\landscape\BW2\
- Land2871.ter -----------> Data\landscape\BW2\
- Land2871_walk.xml ----------> Data\landscape\BW2\
- Land2871.pat ----------> Data\landscape\BW2\
- Land2871.wal ----------> Data\landscape\BW2\

- Land2871.chl ----------> Scripts\BW2\

- load_screen_2871.bmp ----------> Data
- .bik files for connecting Land 4 in FINAL version --------------> Data\Tutorial AVI\
- map.txt ------------> Scripts folder (Delete when you want to uninstall)
- map(1).txt ---------> Scripts folder (When you want to uninstall - rename this file to map.txt
when you delete the original)

Special Thanks Goto:-

- Respected Owners of Scripts

- Kalev for the FPS and Falling Blocks Scripts

- Lionhead Studios

- Everyone Else

Enjoy this version. Alot of work has been put into it, being the second-last version of this map.

If you have any questions or comments or whatever, email me at, or or on my Website, Thanks

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