Evil Lion Reskin

Very cool looking lion skin. Check this out.


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File Description

Very cool looking lion skin. Check this out.

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Download 'evil_lion_reskin_version_1.zip' (226KB)

This skin was created by Devil Lordv2


Firstly, I'd like to thank you for downloading this skin-It means
Secondly, I don't mind if you mod this file and use it as
long as you give me credit for the original skin. I do, however, mind
if you 
a) Post this skin as your own
b) Edit this skin and post without giving me credit for the original.
c) Distribute this skin through DVD, CD etc.

How to use this skin

1) Unzip the folder
2) Cut the files t_lion_evil_d.dds and t_lion_evil_s.dds.
3) Go to c/program files/lionhead studios/black and white 2/data/ctr/blion
and paste the files.

To uninstall

Simply delete the files from your blion directory.

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