Garurumon Wolf

Gaururmon is now on the Wolf, download and enjoy.


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Gaururmon is now on the Wolf, download and enjoy.

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	To install the skins, first copy the files. Then go to the directory where you installed Black and White, (Most likely C:\Program files\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2), and select the folder Data, then the folder ctr, and finally the folder bwolf. Paste the files in the bwolf folder, selecting yes if it asks you to replace the files. If you are using other custom skins you want to back them up before using this skin. The skin should then load when you next run the game.
	This is an early version but I like it a lot. If you want to comment on the skin feel free to email me at Shawnavr9@*, but without the asterisk. I would also appreciate input on what people would like to see in future versions of this skin. If you have a skin suggestion, or would like a minor variation of this skin( ie: different eye color etc...) I would be willing to work on it, time permitting. I am mostly working on wolf skins right now, but am also doing some tiger/lion skins.

 Copyright Shawn Brust 2005. You can edit this file if you like, but please credit me if you redistribute it.

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