Super Creature Mod



This is my Second Mod, so please don't judge me too harshly if there are any mistakes simply email your problem to me at [email protected] and I'll try to get to it right away. The Super Creature Mod has loads of new features and things to your creature, however a few things I have decided to let certain data remain as it is, because I do not believe in cheating so the creature is not totally invincible. (If want it then tell me for next version). I have added lots of things such as: As long as your creature is not in free will mode his emotions will be perfect for fighting, as soon as he nears troops is attacked or feels unhappy, he will be 100% angry and cannot stop being angry. He should never get bored, and never feel fear, I struggled to find a way to make these bonuses just for Player Creatures. But I found it the default for AI creatures is free will mode, the mode is now severely bad with emotions, he feels fear ALOT, usually gets bored and cannot get angry. Creator Tip: If you want your creature to stop being 100% angry after battles, switch him to free will it should decrease very fats then turn him back off free will to change back. Because he's always angry he immediately pounces when you start a creature battle. YOur creature also has increased health which regenerates slowly if you stay away from battles, sleeping will reaturn full HP and as soon as he respawns he has full health and energy. Your creature can never run out of breath, lift immensely heavy things his muscle and fitness stays at 100%, from birth also I still can't find a way to make him able to lift the biggest boulders, but hope to soon. He's usually happy and is never hungry despite the text bubbles, he also only loses weight, he never gains it no matter how much you feed him. He should obey you much more and have more hitpoints, I'm not sure whether it is my creature or part of the mod, but he doesn't obey you when attacking gates sometimes. He gets energy, breath and happiness from doing nothing, there are now only 600 seconds in his years so he ages a year every 10 minutes, this mod is completely compatible with the size mods, having tryed many of them myself. My thanks go to JackMix69 who has been an inspiration and has helped my qork with creatures much though he doesn't know it.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy my mod, remember to make backups and if there are any problems once again you can contact me at [email protected] .



This mod can be installed by simply extracting all the files into your: Black and White 2DataBalance folder and overwriting the old counterparts of these files, make sure to make backup files of these files beforehand I will not be held responsible if you fail to follow these instructions and want to uninstall the mod and have no original files.
To Uninstall, simply delete the files you have extracted and replace them with the original files.

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