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Changes the start up logo.


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File Description

_ File Name   :    Tower Within Logo
_ Game        :    Black and White 2
_ Make Time   :    Hour or So
_ Changes     :    Start Up Logo
_ Date Made   :    12.12.05
_ Final Notes :    None

_ Instalation: 

	Make A Backup Of The Current File.
        Place the logo.png file in,
	C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2\Data\art\textures

        To uninstall, delete the file from the folder.

_ Thanks for downloading my File, hope you enjoy my work and please spread the word.
_ Please visit my site at
_ Thanks To All Of Those Who Support My Work.
_ DO NOT rip or steal any of My Work.
_ All The Other Blah Bleh Blih Bluh Bloh Goes Here.

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