Tropic v2

This is version 2 of Spiff's Tropic Map.


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This is version 2 of Spiff's Tropic Map.

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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  A map called "Tropic" for Black & White 2  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This map is Version 2 of Tropic

WARNING: If you do not know what you are doing, your game may become unplayable
Make sure you know the risks, i am not responsible for your actions. Read these instructions CAREFULY

Before you begin, make a backup of the file called "\Black & White 2\Scripts\Map.txt". Move it to a safe folder

Extract the files within this archive to the following locations:
If prompted to Overwrite Existing Files, say "Yes"

Tropic.bwe ---------------> \Black & White 2\Data\landscape\BW2\
Tropic.ter ---------------> \Black & White 2\Data\landscape\BW2\
Tropic.pat ---------------> \Black & White 2\Data\landscape\BW2\
Tropic_walk.xml ---------------> \Black & White 2\Data\landscape\BW2\
Tropic_Music.OGG ---------------> \Black & White 2\Audio\Music
Tropic_Music2.OGG ---------------> \Black & White 2\Audio\Music
Tropic_Music3.OGG ---------------> \Black & White 2\Audio\Music

Land8888.chl ---------------> \Black & White 2\Scripts\BW2
Map.txt ---------------> \Black & White 2\Scripts\ (Say "Yes" when prompted to overwrite existing file, you should have backed it up by now)

Any other files within this zip archive which are not listed above are not required for this map to play.

When finished extracting to the correct locations, load the game and press "New Game". You should be taken to the installed map

A small island created for me to test out the editor, 
and to make sure certain basic scripts work. 
You play the Greeks in what is pretty much paradise.
There is also a neutral Japanese village nearby.

There are several Things to do, most are just test items
to see if i could get the desired effects ingame.

Full List:

+Play Tetris
+First Person Shooter Mode
+Toggle Influence on/off
+Activate all Miracles
+Unlock Neutral Toy
+Spawn Friendly and Enemy platoon size 180 men
+Choose from all the ceatures

If you explore te island you may find other surprises along the way

This is a sandbox map, there is no way to "Win". When bored, exit the game in the normal way

00din's First Person Shooter mode
Ingame at any time, press the relevant key for desired effect

    * Switch between FPS and God mode: T
    * Fire weapon: LMB
    * Jump: RMB
    * Move: WASD or Arrows.
    * Fireball: 1
    * Lightning: 2
    * Meteor: 3
    * Wind: 4
    * Water: 5
    * Heal: E

To Uninstall this map:
Delete the files you extracted when installing.

Place your backed up "Map.txt" file in the "\Black & White 2\Scripts" directory.

Your game should now function as it did before you installed this map


Mapping ---------------> Callum "Spiffington" Ogden
Main Scripting ---------------> 00din
CreatureChooser Script ---------------> KAYS
FPS Script ---------------> Kalev and 00din
Help with Scripting ---------------> SHADOWCODE, Greasy

You may upload this map to any website you choose so long as this readme file is included.
You may edit this map and use it as a base for other maps so long as i am credited

Feedback to:


Have fun!

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