Turtle creature

Ever wanted the Turtle on Black & White 2? Well now you can have it, just download this and let your adventure begin!


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Ever wanted the Turtle on Black & White 2? Well now you can have it, just download this and let your adventure begin!

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Download 'turtle_creature.zip' (19.48MB)

Hello, and thankyou for downloading the Turtle creature for Black & White 2


To install, click on the file with the name of the creature that you want the turtle to replace.
For example, if i want the Turtle to replace the wolf, i would click on the "Replace Wolf"
file, and when i enter creature select the turtle would have taken the wolf's place. You
can do this for any creature, just click on the file with it's name on it.

NOTE: If you've already clicked on a "replace creature" file and you click on another one, the 
turtle will shift from one creature to another. This is useful if you want a turtle on a profile
and dont want to start a new game.


To un-install the turtle and leave all four creatures as they were before, click on the 
"Un-install Turtle" file and the game will be restored back to how it was.

-------------------GLITCH FIXER-----------------

The turtle can pick up a rare glitch (error) that makes it appear stringy, and distorted. 
This is easily fixable. If this happens, click on the "Glitch Fixer" file and the program
will fix it for you. After using it, you will need to click on one of the "replace"
files again to get your normal turtle back. No save game data is lost, but only use the
glitch fixer if you have the error. (If the glitch fixer fails to fix the problem, try 
un-installing and then re-installing again.)



Tom G (SkelApe)

---------------------OTHER STUFF-----------------

1. If the installers dont work, go in the Files_1 and Files_2 folders and there will be
instructions on how to install the turtle yourself.
2. Try not to change the files in the Files_1, Files_2 and Glitch_Fixer_Files folders, feel
free to look at the pictures in Images though.
3. Im afraid sound doesnt work on the turtle, apart from yawning and footsteps. any other 
problems, dont hesitate to contact me at thegrantyman@hotmail.co.uk
4. Thankyou to Kays and Digz, the owners of the websites that this download is hosted on :)
5. These files mustn't be re-disputed, copied, placed on other websites, taken credit for
and especially not sold UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, even with my permission, unless i myself choose
6. This content can be modified and edited by you or others, but must abide by the above rules.


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