Black & White 2

From the creative mind of god game developer Peter Molyneux comes Black & White 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Black & White. In this strategy game, you reprise your role as a powerful...

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Black & White 2 New Community Affliate- Evolved GFX

Evolved GFX a relatively new forum community is looking for new members to try and bolster it's activity, it has room for general discussion but is mainly a graphics forum. It welcomes gfx veterans and even new people that want to have a go and making things in Photoshop and even web templates and forum templates. It's a very helpful site and will hopeful...


Black & White 2 Planet Black and White Review Contest

Planet Black and White is having a contest for BOTG, its a write your own review for the Expansion Pack. If you want more info head on over to there site, Contest ends July 31 2006.


Black & White 2 New Map By Kays

Kays has made a new map called Pond Island, head over to his site and give it a download. Kays Site


Black & White 2 More Reviews of BOTG

Here are some more reviews for BOTG. Game Spot Yahoo Games Next Level Total Video Games Games Radar


Black & White 2 Maps For Download At Kays

Here are some links to maps for download at kayssplace. These are done by Kays.


Black & White 2 Updates At Planet Black and White

Planet Black and White has posted some updates on there site. One is a Interview with Peter Molyneux and the other is about the Buy out rumours for Lionhead. Head over to there site to check it out.


Black & White 2 Orc Mod Back

With the release of the tools, 1MoreRun has got the Orc Mod going again. He has a link on his website with the pics and some updates. Click below to check it out.


Black & White 2 More Custom Map Screenshots

Here are some more custom map screen shots that are being made, have a look below. These are by Hirgoroth, Donkie737, and Stonert.


Black & White 2 New Texturing Tutorial

Theres a new Texture Tutorial posted at the Black and White Wiki, the tut is done by Power Of The Gods. Head over and check it out. He is also looking for Volunteers to read over it, making sure its a great tut. You can visit that link on the lionhead forum below. TEXTURE TUT LINK VOLUNTEER THREAD