Black & White 2

From the creative mind of god game developer Peter Molyneux comes Black & White 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Black & White. In this strategy game, you reprise your role as a powerful...

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Black & White 2 New Map By Kays

Kays has released a new map called The Three Corners. This is a huge map and a beautiful looking one at that. Click the link below and give it a download. THREE CORNERS MAP DOWNLOAD


Black & White 2 Undead Mod Update Pics

Here is some new pics from the up and coming undead mod.


Black & White 2 Undead Mod

A new mod looks to be in the works, Jackmix69 looks to be running things. Check out the forum post for the full updates.


Black & White 2 Orcish Nights Update (Screen Shots)

Some Updates on the current skin mod Orcish Nights, Some screenshots posted Below.


Black & White 2 New Black and White Skins

3 new skins over at Lionsource. Check out these cool skins. Link: B&W 2 - Tiger Link: B&W 2 - SnailBall Link: B&W 2 - DeathBall


Black & White 2 Dragon Creature Update

It seems that 3d-master has been making some progress on his Dragon at the Official BW2 Forums. Hes decided that the dragons head doesn't look how he wants it to be so he's started editing it a bit. Here's what he said: Ive decided to start reworking the dragons head looks. I am still working on evil but the good and neutral are done... here is what i got o...


Black & White 2 Live A Villagers Life

There's a new project in the community which is under construction and has the name of Live A Villagers Life. It seems that this team is aiming to make it so you can play as a Villager and do the things that they do, you'll be able to build structures, collect food and many other things. Here's what the team has said: I have been working on this for about...


Black & White 2 Dragon Creature

3d-master is working on adding a new creature to Black & White 2. It's a Dragon Creature which is looking really good. He's released some models of the creature to give us an idea of what it'll look like, I've posted these below for you to see. Head to the Official BW2 Forums to find out more.


Black & White 2 Populous Mod

TORTANICK is working on making a Populous mod for Black & White 2. He's posted a message on the Official BW2 Forums which tells us a bit about his plans and what the mod will basically feature. Here's what he said: Just an idea of creating a BnW/populous hybrid. In this you don't have direct control over cities, they attempt to gather all resources at an...


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