Black & White 2

From the creative mind of god game developer Peter Molyneux comes Black & White 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Black & White. In this strategy game, you reprise your role as a powerful...

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Black & White 2 Black and White 3? A most certain in the future?

Peter Molyneux gave a speech about the vast increase in sales of Black&White 2 in many different countries. He said, " Creating a Black&White 3 may be an impossibility at the current time, due to development of Fable 2 and other game projects that we have put off for so long". He later said, " Black&White 3 may be possible in the near future. The world's gam...


Black & White 2 The Big Move

I am pleased to inform you that the LionHead office has moved to a bigger and better place, due to the ever expanding staff, office etc. which has out-grown its previous office. The Final move was announced on 18th December 2006 but work did not begin until February 2007. This big move was the best way to keep the offices and staff under control. The o...


Black & White 2 LionHead at E3

Nothing really going on with bw2 there, but they have announced Fable 2, which looks sweet. Also some other stuff for the movies. Click the link below for news on there site, which has a link the the Fable 2 Trailer. LionHeads Site


Black & White 2 Creature Pictures for BOTG

Lionhead has released some cool pics of the new creature (turtle) and the undead ape. You can view them by going to the official site, click below.


Black & White 2 Battle of The Gods Is Out Now / Review at IGN

Sorry for the lack of news as I couldnt get in the system to update, due to the down time. But BOTG is out and getting Decent Reviews. Also here is the review from, I'll post more reviews tomorrow night.


Black & White 2 BOTG Release Date / Price

For those who don't know, Black and White 2: Battle of the Gods comes out this Tuesday, 4/25/06. Also I've noticed that the price isn't $29.99 in which I saw some places had it for earlier, it's now only $19.99.


Black & White 2 BOTG Updates At Lionhead, Plus "Guess the Spell Competition.

Lionhead has posted 2 new screen shots and also answer a few questions about the upcoming expansion. Also there is a "Guess the Spell Competition" going on. The two screenshots are pretty cool, check out the new evil hand. Click the link below for all the info and also the link to the Competition. CLICK HERE


Black & White 2 2 New Art Work Shots From BOTG

Here are 2 new artworks from BOTG.


Black & White 2 Community Call: Questions for Peter Molyneux

Lionhead is allowing the community to ask Peter Molyneux some questions, visit the forum post here.