Black & White 2

From the creative mind of god game developer Peter Molyneux comes Black & White 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Black & White. In this strategy game, you reprise your role as a powerful...

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Black & White 2 Site Update

The site seems to be back up and running again. POTD is running again (get those pics of BOTG submitted), also there was two new files added a few days ago that can be downloaded now.


Black & White 2 Enough is Enough

People seem to forget about the news I posted on the site earlier in the month. There will be no cursing or attacking other members. I've had enough and will be handing out bans. This is the last warning.


Black & White 2 Pic Of The Day - Site/File Comments

POTD: For those who think there is a ton of submitted pics to picture of the day, there isnt. There has been two user submitted pics within the last 3 weeks. The reason they are validated and submitted by me, is the simple fact, to even have a POTD, i have to find a pic and submit it myself. So instead of complaining about it, upload some screen shots. I do...


Black & White 2 Submit Files / Where, How, And What Not.

With the TOOLS out we should be seeing alot more files. Just want to point out on how to submit them again. You can do this two ways. 1. Use the SUBMIT BUTTON LINK on the left side of the page, under THE FILES at the top left menu. Just follow those directions to so send a file to the BW2FILES EMAIL. 2. The other way is to submit them to MYSELF BY EMA...


Black & White 2 A Great Month For Files

Just got to say, the site was way up for the last month, We had 52 Files uploaded within this last month. Thats 20 more then any other month since i got here 4 months ago (wow time flies). We are also starting to see alot more newer files and skinners are getting better. Just want to thank everyone for uploading files and making this a really great community...


Black & White 2 Picture of the Day

To put it simple, we need more, lol. So get uploading your pics, very simple to do. Got a mod or skin you want to show off, or something funny just submit it.


Black & White 2 Poll Results and Top 10 Downloads

Here Are The Poll Results and Top 10 Downloads From Last Week.


Black & White 2 Merry Christmas

Would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and hope you all have a wonderful day. BW2Files Team.


Black & White 2 Subcategories

Ive added a few Subcategories, so hopefully files well be easier to find. Also if there is any broken links or files not working, just let us know or post here. Thanks.