Blood II: The Chosen

Blood II: The Chosen is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Monolith Productions and distributed by GT Interactive.

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Maps Levels Missions blood_feud_maps.rar

A series of multiplayer maps with sp enemies. These work exclusively with darkact 1.83


Media Blood 2 Resurrection Level Demo Video

This is a test of level size and entity numbers for the mod, Blood 2 Resurrection.


Maps Levels Missions Blood 2 Coop

This file adds coop to Blood 2 multiplayer. "Coop" play means you and a buddy can log on a multiplayer server over the net (if you're both u...


Tools And Utilities Dedit Tutorials for Blood 2

Tutorials and utilities for learning the basics of Blood 2 editing.


Modifications Darkact Final v1.8

Lets player summon the chosen, limbloss various gibbing effects added.


Maps Levels Missions B2K5

Greetings,The following file is the work of Joe "I LIVE...AGAIN" Volante. These are some of the only single player maps made for Blood2 the...


Unofficial Patches Blood 2 Music Patch

Allows in-game music for Shogo & Blood 2 on windows xp and vista.


Skins Outz Dead Gab


Skins Lab skin


Skins CTF g


Skins Impspawn

Winner of Planet Blood's skins contest, placing Spawn's skin on Caleb!



This skin makes Caleb look dead with blood everywhere, and guts pouring out, and bugers driping. Did I mention you can see caleb's brain?


Skins New Gabbie Skin

GOld and red armor with the flesh falling off her face.


Skins Shadow skins


Skins Zealot Skin 4 Caleb

This little file will place the Zealot skin on Caleb!


Skins Ishy Cenobite

I started out to do a Pinhead skin for ishy but my skills weren't "Mad" enough. I decided to change it to "what if Ishy became a cenobite fr...



This skin makes Caleb look deader than ever with blood everywhere, and now with guts pouring out, and bugers driping. Did I mention you can...





Skins Undead Caleb Skin

Undead Caleb Skin for Blood 2 by Tren_UK, inspired by Infern0 This rez file c...


Maps Levels Missions Cemetery