Could Borderlands 3 support crossplay?

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

There may be hope for those PC players who may desire to play Borderlands 3 with their console friends, or vice-versa, as 2K and Gearbox are apparently considering the possibility of introducing it for the game, although they've stopped short of confirming it'll definitely happen.

It was apparently listed as a feature, accidently, on the Microsoft Store listing for the game, which prompted GameSpot to reach out to 2K for more information. The gave a short statement confirming that they're 'looking closely' at it, but stopped sort of a confirmation.

Cross-play is something we're looking at closely, but we don't have anything to confirm or announce at this time.

So it's perfectly possible it may be dropped before release, should the political or technical challenges be too much to make it happen, but it would seem to suggest that it is at least being considered and worked on to some degree, given the apparent September release date.

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