Breed is a cutting-edge science-fiction shoot'em up, which skillfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to expand not only the gameplay...

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Breed Retail Patch Brat Designs 18.42MB 6310
Breed Trailer Brat Designs 1.72MB 3095
Breed Singleplayer Demo Brat Designs 217.05MB 58121
Operation Everest Island Breed Center 179KB 2354
More Tank Action Brat Designs 6.15MB 915
Bridge Combat Brat Designs 6.68MB 823
Sniper Brat Designs 7.55MB 1017
Flying the Falcon Brat Designs 4.39MB 896
Tank Action Brat Designs 7.17MB 784
Manning the Ubergun Brat Designs 3.81MB 708
Assualting the Outpost Brat Designs 7.49MB 839
Taking on soldiers and a Tank Brat Designs 5.2MB 532
Breed Trailer Brat Designs 30.67MB 1096
Breed Fankit (MUST-HAVE!) CDV Software 19.74MB 2849
Breed Gameplay Movie (DivX - 500x400) Brat Designs 74.08MB 1676
Brat Designs' Breed Wallpaper 2 - 1280x1024 Brat Designs 562KB 873
Brat Designs' Breed Wallpaper 1 - 1280x1024 Brat Designs 224KB 827
Breed Movie of actual Gameplay Brat Designs 32.48MB 1818
Space Rat Various Authors 6.69MB 891
Breed screenshots new! Brat Designs 162KB 619
Tank Footage 3 Brat Designs 2.97MB 865
Tank Footage 2 Brat Designs 1.57MB 625
Tank Footage 1 Brat Designs 2.5MB 669
Screenshot Pack (39) - April, 2002 Brat Designs 2.6MB 503
Screenshot Pack (24) - November, 2001 Brat Designs 4.77MB 497
Screenshot Pack (28) - February, 2001 Brat Designs 3.12MB 448
Screenshot Pack (38) - January, 2001 Brat Designs 2.02MB 865
Fighter Re-entry Brat Designs 1.81MB 887 Breed Coverage 5 16.87MB 618 Breed Coverage 4 18.81MB 566 Breed Coverage 3 Guest 31.45MB 333 Breed Coverage 2 31.31MB 317 Breed Coverage 1 29MB 362
Charactor View 2a Brat Designs 1.02MB 259
Charactor View 1a Brat Designs 1.26MB 286
Battle Movie 5a Brat Designs 738KB 671
Battle Movie 2 Brat Designs 958KB 639
Battle Movie 1 Brat Designs 648KB 984
Breed Trailer 4: E3 2002 CDV Software 26.74MB 1163
Breed Trailer 3: Kick Ass! Brat Designs 25.62MB 2119
Breed Trailer 2: Mini CDV Software 2.76MB 734
Breed Trailer 1: Engine Showoff Brat Designs 9.39MB 970
Title Posted By Posted On
BreedFiles Closes Guest 27th July 2005
Poll Results Guest 26th June 2004
Updated Links Section Snozzlefeet 3rd June 2004
Lets get BreedFiles Back in Action! AndrewD 29th May 2004
New BREED patch available for download! Guest 17th April 2004
Breed wins silver award at Guest 17th April 2004
Breed Released on PC In the US Snozzlefeet 23rd March 2004
Breed (PC) Out Now in UK! Guest 20th March 2004
Breed at the Game Show from T-Online Guest 20th March 2004
Breed Singleplayer Demo (v1.0) Relesed! Guest 20th March 2004