Breed is a cutting-edge science-fiction shoot'em up, which skillfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to expand not only the gameplay...

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Media Breed Wallpaper #1

Here is the first self extracting wallpaper of the action title, Breed.


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Media Breed Wallpaper #8

Here is the eighth self extracting wallpaper of the action title, Breed showing some great in-game graphics.


Patches Breed Retail Patch

This patch fixes a number of bugs and glitches within the single player portion of the game, as well as a few multiplayer problems too. Down...


Video Breed Trailer

This is another really cool video, showing off the best this game has to offer. its not that great quality, but hey. ;) I can't wait for the...


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Media Breed "The Grunt" Part 3 Movie

The Grunt video footage.


Demo Breed Singleplayer Demo

Pre-Order Breed now! The long-awaited "re-demo" is finally here! If you´ve played the first Beta SP Demo that came out a long time ago...


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Bonus Releases Operation Everest Island

The contact to the relay station gamma 05 on Everest Island broke off. You must take a look what happend with the station. You land with 3...


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Media Breed Movie

"Aliens - get lost!" This is your one and only thought upon your return to Earth in the year 2610. Commanding humankinds lone surviving batt...


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Tools And Utilities

Breed Hack Installer 1.0Dies ist ein Programm dass das Installieren und Deinstallieren von Mods oder Hacks...


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Tools And Utilities

Breed Center FileMit dem File wird es dir vereinfacht viele Scripts schnell zu installieren oder zu De Installieren. Wie du den Breed...


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Video More Tank Action

More tank action, lots of firing :D


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Video Bridge Combat

Some nice action on the bridge with the sniper, some nice voice sounds.


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Video Sniper

Sniping action, quite good. Look out for the ricochet of the bullet of the ground.


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Video Flying the Falcon

This movie sees the player flying a Falcon aircraft and shooting some enemy aircraft with missles.


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Video Tank Action

The tank goes on a rampage and destroys a enemy tower.. and then some trees.


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Video Manning the Ubergun

The player mans a Ubergun on the eagle air transport and takes out some radar.


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Video Assualting the Outpost

A Grunt attempts a assualt on a breed Outpost and comes up to some heavy Resistance.


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BreedFiles Closes Guest 27th July 2005
Poll Results Guest 26th June 2004
Updated Links Section Snozzlefeet 3rd June 2004
Lets get BreedFiles Back in Action! AndrewD 29th May 2004
New BREED patch available for download! Guest 17th April 2004
Breed wins silver award at Guest 17th April 2004
Breed Released on PC In the US Snozzlefeet 23rd March 2004
Breed (PC) Out Now in UK! Guest 20th March 2004
Breed at the Game Show from T-Online Guest 20th March 2004
Breed Singleplayer Demo (v1.0) Relesed! Guest 20th March 2004