Breed Singleplayer Demo (v1.0) Relesed!

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Yes, the demo is now out of beta stage and is in version 1.0, with a vast improvements upon the previous demo. Just to get you in the mood for the download: [quote]Your mission starts in space on board the USS Darwin. To stand any chance at all against the BREED you will need an armoured attack tank. As soon as that behemoth is loaded you are in the cockpit of your landing craft and in control. The engines roar into life and you blast off, flying through the vastness of deep space. At last you see a familiar blue ball in front of you - your homeplanet. You steer the landing craft into a dive and enter the atmosphere. Welcome back to Earth - the blue planet. The first thing you see is the ocean. It looks absolutely stunning as you glide over it, with the sunlight glittering beautifully on the surface of the water. But there is no time to admire the effect or enjoy the idyllic scenery. The BREED have spotted you on their radar and immediately send their airfighters to intercept you. You have to use the onboard cannons and fight back, hunting down the BREED jets one by one in best dog-fight tradition. With the sky cleared you must eliminate the enemy turrets on the ground before you can land safely. Once you've touched down it's a change of pace as you get into your armoured attack tank and the ground-based part of your mission starts. You have to fight your way through the many enemy posts that are crawling with BREED...[/quote] Now, that said, DOWNLOAD NOW!
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