Breed is a cutting-edge science-fiction shoot'em up, which skillfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to expand not only the gameplay...

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Breed 8 Movies "Finally" up..

We'll after a long delay and a bit of agro we have finally got the 8 Movies up, if you havent already got them be sure to go To the Videos Section and check them out, because of the great mess in their, they might be hard to find so look for the ones with the date 05-26-03 = Thats in US date system btw. Just making sure no-one gets confused :D Tenshi


Breed Breed Video from PC Games!!

A video that PC Games put on their cover disk this month has been allowed onto Breedplayers for viewing, it is narrated but in german though... Find it at breedplayers, the link is in the news.. go here Tenshi


Breed Breed Fankit Released! 20 Megs of Breed Goodness, MUST-HAVE!

CDV, publisher of the upcoming Breed and Brat Designs, Breed´s Developer have just released an awesome 20 Meg fankit full of never-before seen material from BREED! Here´s a list that made of what´s in this pack, this pack is a must have for every fan, there´s something for everyone in it! Contents: - 61 New Screenshots - 14 Wallpaper...


Breed 6 New (awesome) Breed Screenies!

While we (still) wait for the demo that was supposed to come out last october, CDV and Brat released some new screenies to show their progress. As you all know by now, the huge delays in the demo release was the result of the decision to make Breed DirectX 9 / Next-generation graphics card-ready, and if you ask me, that decision and the following delay looks...


Breed First bit of music!

This is the music which was featured in the breed preview! thx to wodan asason from breed armoury, well heres the link to the site!


Breed New Breed Movie @ ProGamerz

Here's a Shaky cam video of the Breed showfloor demo at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany (thanks Dazio!). We'd love to add it to our archive but this is a ProGamerz exclusive so you'll have to leech it from their servers :) Enjoy! I'm downloading it myself as we speak, and it will suck that it's a shaky cam video but any Breed candy is go...


Breed 5 NEW Breed Screenshots!

Ok, I'll post this first and then wipe the drool of my keyboard, yuppie! Well, no more words, just look at those beauties!!! :dropsjar:


Breed New Concept Art

Great new Concept Art at Breedplayers. 3 more to look at and drool over :p Check it out