Breed is a cutting-edge science-fiction shoot'em up, which skillfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to expand not only the gameplay...

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Breed BEAT4BREED - The soundtrack to Breed! and CDV Software Entertainment AG are looking for the best songs for the soundtrack to Breed. Any and all individual musicians and bands with MyOwnMusic membership can take part. The songs will be selected by a jury and then released onto the official CD soundtrack to the game. What’s more, the top song will be integrated into the game itself...


Breed Breed Demo this month! German Release in may!

This is old news (we have a serious staffing problem, please email me if you want to join, but I figured I should post this anyway, better late then never Karlsruhe, 11.03.2003 - CDV Software Entertainment officially announces the German release date for its science fiction shoot em up, Breed. The specialist press will be able...


Breed 4 More Screenshots showing off the USC Interceptor

The screenshots we took from the official site aren´t the best quality but the graphics look so goddamn sweet! Well just read the quote from the CDV Newsletter Hooray! As we promised last week, we have some hot new shots for you this time! Enough with running your feet off, you can also take a USC interceptor and kick some BREED a** on the ground. The shot...


Breed 4 New Breed Screenshots

Well nothing has been happening recently and it seems quite boring, BUT today we have got 4..YES 4 New screenshots so stop reading this and go look at them The 4 New Screenshots Ten Enjoy, I died and went to heaven. But i was dragged back to deliver this news to you


Breed Breed Video!!!

Well the Breed video has been delivered. Well we have uploaded it here so you can all download it and not wait ONE HOUR in queues @ gamespy and other hosts. All say one big thank you to Pro-Filer for waiting ONE HOUR to download it so he could upload it here. Cyas Tenshi - Site Manager


Breed Breed Game Video for Next Week

CDV has posted some news on a special "Christmas Breed Video Special". This video will give you the first change of seeing the 1st Mission against the Breed, the rocking movie will be supported by some sweet music, theres some screenshots available on the site. We'll try and get them up soon. :D Tenshiu - Site Manager



Hey ppl we have been treated to 4 gorgeous new screens foir you guys to droll over! enjoy!


Breed Breed and Nvidia Graphics cards

On Tuesday 19 November the NV30 was officially unveiled as the new GeForce FX by Nvidia and among the list of its partner games to be is Breed. Jensiou


Breed Demo not in pc zone!

The breed demo is not in this months pc zone!! + there has been a rework of the demo which promises to be alot longer!